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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter55 View Post
    OK I know I will probably get flack for this but I don't care. To qualify my answer know this, I am 58 years old and have been shooting since I was 16, I have shot everything you can think of in every cal out there. I've shot $1500 guns and I have shot cheap crap guns. And some of the cheap crap guns were not cheap in price.
    My favorite gun that I carry every day is a Bersa Thunder 9mm UC. I have fired thousands of rounds through this gun. And in all that I have not had one failure to feed, failure to fire or failure to eject EVER. It is the most reliable piece of machinery I have ever owned.
    PS the thunder 45 UC is Just as reliable.
    Bought them both used at the local gun shop for less than $300
    No crap from me, buddy. I am 50 and have probably shot everything that has a trigger. I, too, have found that the price of the weapon is NOT an indicator of either quality or suitability for use. I think that we both have been around long enough to know that the person pulling the trigger is the real weapon. The firearm is just a tool we use to get the job done.

  3. I don't think selection is as important as whether you have your pistol with you at all times or not. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by donmontalvo View Post
    I don't think selection is as important as whether you have your pistol with you at all times or not. :)
    That is partly true, except what you carry has to be dependable, you don't want to have to pull it and it not go bang. I don't worry about that with what I carry.

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    Which 9mm is my favorite depends on the circumstances.

    For carry, it's hard to beat my Kahr K9. Rock solid reliable, very accurate, works well 24/7 with quality night sights, and as compact as they come. Although the K9 is all stainless, so it's not nearly as light as a polymer gun. Sometimes I think about getting a PM9 for the times I want something a bit more compact but more powerful than my Sig P238.

    For IDPA, however, the Kahr has that long DAO trigger and is limited to 7 or 8 round mags. So, out comes my S&W M&P 9 Pro. I tried out a Glock 34, but the trigger & grip on the Glock are just too different from my other guns.

    My Sig P226R with the 9mm slide is a real workhorse that can do everything quite well. Not as racy as the M&P, but then my M&P doesn't shoot 40 S&W, 357-SIG or 22LR like my Sig does.

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    Just for my 2 cents worth CZ anything. CCW, CZ 2075 Rami, around the house, range, etc. etc, CZ75

  7. Favorite 9mm...hmmm. The Ruger SR9 is my favorite full size 9mm. Mine was a true "center punch" right out of the box. It has a great grip for me. My favorite compact or sub-compact 9mm is my Kel-Tec PF9. It is small, thin, very lightweight and carries 7 round in the mag. It has been flawless since breakin.

  8. Ruger SR9c

  9. Sig Pro 2022 is my absolute favorite 9mm. Best polymer frame gun on the market.

  10. HK P30 here

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    EMP 9MM and 92f
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