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    I actually have 3 favorite 9mm's. They are:
    1. For Daily ccw- Glock 26
    2. Range Fun/Home Defense- S&W 5906
    3. Ultimate Dream Handgun- Browning Hi-Power

    My all-time favorite 9s are the Springfield XD9SC and the Kel-Tec P11
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    Ruger SR9C

    Lots of fine guns listed here. It really is interesting to hear about everyone's personal preferences. I carry a Ruger SR9C. I like it because I shoot it better than other guns, it just fits my hand better, and it feels like a natural extension of my arm. The best gun out there is the one that works best for each individual. The SR9C is a good one for me.
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  4. I own a Ruger P95 its about $300 and will go bang every time my baby tho is my S&W M&P .40. However I will trust my life with either one.

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