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    Tough choice...

    I like my Glock 19 a lot...far better than the Rugers I carried the last half of my working life.

    But the most fun range/plinking guns I own are my Kel-Tec Sub 2000s that share mags with the Glock...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyperdog View Post
    So what I get out of that is the Glock is perfect for when you fire through a full magazine not hitting the BG you can throw it at him and it will be able to take the damage. If you get it back be able to shoot it again. Oh and if you own a Glock you can be lazy and not clean it.

    I am not a fan of Glock for the simple fact of everyone having one. I have shot a handful of them and see nothing special. I have no problem cleaning my firearm after every shooting session, I like to keep it clean. I also no not ever plan on dropping it multiple times in the mud/sand/concrete whatever. Once is enough to make you wake up and pay attention, if it happens.

    My favorite that I have shot so far would have to be the HK P30.
    Well I think you should go back and read it again. For I don't recall saying you could fire through 16 bullets and not hit your target. As for it being tough enough to use as a club or thrown at the target yes it is and when you pick it back up and reload it it will work.

    If you like cleaning your gun after every use then great but I wanted a gun that could be used without needing to be cleaned after 250 rounds. But for you to blame missing your target on the gun is where I draw the line. Glocks are not as accurate as other higher priced guns due to them being able to shoot different brands of ammo with out a problem due to the loser tolerances Glocks have. So due to that it takes more skill and training to hit your target with a Glock.

    I agree that dropping your gun once will remind you to pay attention to it. For when I dropped mine I was not paying attention to what I was doing and was mad due to the scratches and dents on my Glock 19 from the drop. Just cause you can drop your gun without having to worry about it discharging a round does not mean people will just keep dropping them without any worries.

    So use what ever gun you like but don't go bad mouthing others choice of firearm. As my first post did not say anything bad about other guns by name just that other guns could not do what Glocks could and that Glocks are not as accurate as other higher priced guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakeland Man View Post
    In the Army, I eventually liked the Beretta. I still preferred the 1911, but the Beretta felt pretty good in my hand too.
    I really liked the Beretta 92FS enough to buy it. I love my M&P45 and 40c and like the 9mm version my friend owns...

    Gotta vote for the Beretta 92...
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  6. Browning or FN Hi Power- without a doubt.

    My Colt Series 70 Combat Commander is a close second.

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    The only 9mm I own is a Beretta 92F though I have shot pretty much every other 9 on the market. I put them all through their paces and all of them can get the job done.

    Glocks were more than accurate enough and very dependable though do not fit my hands well. M&P's felt better and once Smith worked out some minor bugs were reliable as well. H&K's for me were a little too bulky for my hands but went bang every time. Springfield XD's fit my hands better than all of the polymer guns I used. The P series of Ruger I have never liked but for personal reasons not any fault of the pistol. To me they just plain looked and felt like a brick. I know folks who love them and I know that they work however they are just not for me.

    I have never wanted any other 9 other than my Beretta since I had tried so many others and none of them knocked my socks off. I use +P+ ammo in my Beretta for SD, same stuff issued to some PD's so I know if I do my part it will do the job. Of course using this ammunition can be abusive to the weapon itself so I have put a heavier recoil spring to slow the slide down so it won't batter the frame.
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    I own an old Beretta 9mm Mod. 1951 and a Taurus PT709 9mm. For CC I carry the Taurus, it's small, light, and extremely concealable. It has a light trigger pull with a quick reset. By the way, I bought the Beretta NIB in 1970 for $105.95 including tax!
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    The rest of the world loves the CZ 75 and it's offshoots, I do as well. And most of them are not plastic, a plus in my book.

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    My FNH 9mm is a great shooter.
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    The 9mms I am most familiar with are Taurus PT99, XDM9 and Glock 19. They are all great guns. The Glock 19 is more concealable, the Taurus PT99 is full sized and extremely accurate. The XDM9 is my wifes, but I love to shoot it. My favorite is the one I am shooting at the time.

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