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    Either my Glock 19, 26 (both third generation, I don't care for the fourth generation) or my Kel-Tec PF-9. I do carry my 19 the most. If I need easier to conceal I'll carry my 26. If I need deeper concealment I'll carry my PF-9.

    If I had to narrow it to one then it is the Glock 19. The Glock 19 is comfortable for me to shoot and while I never claim to be an expert marksman, I can hit what needs to be hit with it. I can conceal carry if needed it with the right cover garments and I can open carry with no problems. I feel than the 19 is my best all around handgun.

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    LC9 has a loong trigger pull, but my wife loves hers. Very accurate once you get used to the trigger.
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  4. I agree that the Glock 26 is too small even for my small hands. Other than that it is a quality compact pistol.

  5. Cz82

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    I will have to go with the Browning Hi-power. Really comfortable and easy to shoot.

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    My vote has to go to the XDM. I tried similar model XD and XDM (same caliber, same barrel length) in the store and the XDM just felt better to me, more comfortable in my hand. With an inquisitive young son I didn't want an external hammer (my 1911 .45 now lives in the safe until 'needed') just in case his fingers get in front of it when we're playing. However I did want a grip safety because his hands are too small to hold the grip, and I liked the idea of the trigger safety on the XDM. It won't fire unless you hold the grip and pull the trigger, but there's no fiddling about flipping an extra safety switch. There is a visual and tactile indicator to tell me that the gun is cocked, and another to tell me there is a round in the chamber

    Yes I know it's my responsibility to keep my son and my guns seperated and I try to do that all the time, but when you carry at home it's somewhat impossible for his hands not to touch it at least accidentally.

    In the end I chose what felt good in my hand and incorporated the safety features that I wanted. An added bonus was that it shot fantastically, straight out of the box. But what worked for me might not work for other people, find what you like, find what has the features you're looking for, find what puts a hole right where you point it and you've found what's perfect for you
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    Not as many Glock lovers as I thought there would be!

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    I just went through the process of choosing my 9MM, and went with a new purchase of a Beretta Px4. It has a 17 round magazine, feels incredibly right and well balanced holding it, and it shoots well. I've also found it to be very easy to clean and reassemble. Personally, my primary carry gun will continue to be my .357 Taurus, but I really like this Beretta.

  10. Highpoint 9mm

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    XD9 SC, my daily carry gun. 1,800 rounds of all sorts of ammo thru it and not one problem. Easy to field strip and impossible to put together wrong. Those Croations have built a damn fine piece of a gun there!

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