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    If I were asked this question 5 to 10 years ago I would have said there is no good 9 mm, but because of the popularity of this caliber the ammunition has become more lethal. The 9 mm has taken a bad rap for a long time, including my own, but today with the proper ammunition and Shot Placement I have several 9 mm firearms. The only problem I have with the 9 mm or .357 mag is the bullet is so fast that if using for self defense that it may travel farther injuring or killing an innocent bystander.

    As far as favorite, I could not really say as long as I can hit what I'm aiming at, so if the 9 mm feels comfortable in your hands then is must be a favorite
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    I have a gen 4 glock 19 and a Rueger P89. Love both shoot awesome.

  4. My favorite is any of the CZ'S like the CZ75BD

  5. Thumbs up I like it

    I like the LC9 for the light weight, small size, and concealability. I dislike the low capacity magazine. Instead of a magazine finger extension, I think an 8 round magazine would be better. I hope Ruger or another manufacturer will make a magazine that holds 10 rounds for spare carry. If I need to reload, it would be better to have more rounds. Spare higher capacity magazines are easier to conceal than the pistol. The LC9 is a new weapon and I expect a manufacturer will see this market shortly. Since I carry a 9mm Glock 19 as a primary weapon, having a BUG in 9mm instead of .380 might prevent an accidental mixing of ammunition causing a jammed primary weapon.

    Whether the Ruger LC9 becomes a common defense weapon, time will tell.

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    Springfield Armory EMP
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    My favorie 9mm is my sig P225 followed by my XD

  9. CZ75BD for me, Rock solid piece,great acuracy, easy to clean just all around tuff to beat

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    OK I know I will probably get flack for this but I don't care. To qualify my answer know this, I am 58 years old and have been shooting since I was 16, I have shot everything you can think of in every cal out there. I've shot $1500 guns and I have shot cheap crap guns. And some of the cheap crap guns were not cheap in price.
    My favorite gun that I carry every day is a Bersa Thunder 9mm UC. I have fired thousands of rounds through this gun. And in all that I have not had one failure to feed, failure to fire or failure to eject EVER. It is the most reliable piece of machinery I have ever owned.
    PS the thunder 45 UC is Just as reliable.
    Bought them both used at the local gun shop for less than $300

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    Quote Originally Posted by volkstrm View Post
    My favorite is any of the CZ'S like the CZ75BD

    CZ's rule! Love 'em all!
    My fave EDC is a stainless CZ75B...uber reliable & more accurate then my ole eyes.

    I only trade it out, on occasion for a CZ75 P-01 with a CTL grip,
    or when in Kali (they don't like the18rd SP-01 mags & such),
    or the back-country, for my S&W 4" 686+ (mainly for the bears, cats & 2-legged rabid chuckleheads).
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