My oldests daughters first firearm.
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Thread: My oldests daughters first firearm.

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    Talking My oldests daughters first firearm.

    So I talked the wife into letting our oldest(She is 5) daughter get her first firearm so she can go shooting with me.

    I picked out a Cricket single shot 22 long rifle(She picked the pink stock model.)

    Here is a video of the rifle. I'm buying hers this Friday.

    If she likes it I plan on gifting the cricket to her younger sister and buying her a pink Ruger 10/22.

    Told my wife when our third child is born in August it will have a 22 rifle wanting for it.Hoping it's a boy we find out on the 25th(past two times the cord has been in the way or it's legs have been crossed.


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    Never having young children myself I can only imagine your excitement at the prospect of teaching yours the joys and responsibilities of gun ownership!

    My two step-children are 17 and 14, the oldest being a girl and she has expressed some interest in going shooting with me. We have sat down and gone through the fundamentals of safety and function now it's just her finding the time in her oh so busy "social" schedule as well as Volleyball and Softball seasons to actually make it to the range. Be thankful you have a lot of years before you have to put the "fear of God into some kid at the door" as the song goes.

    The 14 year old boy hasn't shown much interest but he is more heavily into Basketball and Baseball at the moment but who knows .... he may come around too HA!

    Good Luck and happy shooting!
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  4. I too started my kids young, I went the same route with the Cricket it is a great learning tooll for the young ones. My son was first an now my daughter has the bug for the sport. Good luck and remember to be patient.

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    This young girl defended her home with the same single shot pink 22.

    YouTube - CrickettRifles's Channel

    My mother in law will hate me even more for teaching my kids how to shoot, but I don't really give two *****.


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    I had to disarm myself and come back to MA for a few weeks. One of the simple pleasures I enjoy here is long walks around the cranberry bogs with the dogs. Sunday, as I rounded a bend, I found a father and his two children sitting on a bridge plinking with bb guns.

    His immediate reaction was to get defensive, "They are just bb guns!"

    My immediate reaction was more practical, "She is strong enough to pump that Daisy?" (She was 6)

    After he figured out that I was normal, we had a good conversation about kids and guns. The 9 year old boy rattled off the four rules with a Clint Smith-like style.

    It was a good chat. I told the kids that they were lucky to have a dad like him and wandered off.

    Unfortunately every part of that encounter are now exceptions rather than rules.

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    May God prepare your child in the womb for the great adventure of life for God knew him before he was formed therein in Jesus name be in peace....


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