Walgreens fires armed employee...
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Thread: Walgreens fires armed employee...

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    Walgreens fires armed employee...

    Let me know if this link doesnt work please.


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    Yes...the link works but you have to copy and paste it...I am able to read the story no sweat. I sort of pity Walgreens in that area. They are so short of money to invest in security so they must be heavily insured. I applaud Hoven for protecting his co-employees and a family. I hope he finds another job quickly. God bless him.
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    That's BS !

    I firmly believe that a wrongful termination lawsuit is in order here!
    Walgreens should have given this guy a bonus/ataboy, not fire him, WTF???!!!

    I just got off the phone with Walgreen's Corporate Executives office, I registered an official complaint on the actions above, I was given a reference number, and was told that a corporate executive would personally call me back within 48 hrs, after they have researched this action that occured in Michigan, by the Walgreens management there!

    If you all feel this guy deserves a "good job", instead of a firing, please contact:

    Walgreen Company Corporate Office

    Write or call us at:
    200 Wilmot Road
    Deerfield, IL 60015
    (847) 914-2500
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    Maybe the corporate bozos need to watch the news - yeah.... once upon a time, coventional wisdom said
    "Give the robbers what they want and they will leave in peace"....
    Has anyone watched the news lately ?? That's NOT how it goes anymore.... give 'em what they want, then they shoot the employees (and anyone else that might be a witness or call the cops) and THEN they leave.

    Sure - no one WANTS a shoot out... but I believe that this man SAVED lives that night !!
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    I look forward to a headline


    Works for me.

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  8. Good for him. Here in Indiana a new state law effective July 1st 2011 no employer can have policies preventing LTC holders from carrying at work. Now if we can just get our 4th amendment rights back we'll be in business

  9. Unfortunately, Walgreens is likely well within their rights to fire this pharmacist. It also makes sense from a civil liability suit standpoint as well. In most states non union employees are "at will" employees. Provided there is no overt discrimination against a protected class. You may be fired for any reason or no reason at all.

    Walgreens corporate is likely covering itself against the inevitable civil suit that is to follow. If they terminate the employee and cite some policy that employees are not to be armed they can deny responsibility and portray this pharmacist as acting on his own.

    I want to be clear that I do not support this as a policy and find it foolish as obviously, SOMEONE needed to be armed to protect the safety of their customers.

    My wife used to work at a CVS near the Detroit Medical Center, right in the middle of downtown Detroit. The Coney Island restaurant next door had 4" polycarbinate and a revolving pass through for food to protect its employees. But the CVS was wide open, Open 24 hours and had no physical security whatsoever.

    Other pharmacies would have a "throw bag" with nearly expired narcotics and benzos to give to an assailant in the hopes they would go away. Not CVS. No plan no security, nothing.

    Fortunately nothing serious ever occured while she was there. But I was scared for her every time she went to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminal Lance View Post
    Good for him. Here in Indiana a new state law effective July 1st 2011 no employer can have policies preventing LTC holders from carrying at work. Now if we can just get our 4th amendment rights back we'll be in business
    I may be wrong but I do believe the law that just passed was to protect an employee who keeps a firearm in their vehicle not while carrying on the job.
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    Sounds like the BG needs to take a NRA first steps pistol class, so he can learn to turn the safety off and learn how to hold a firearm.


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