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Thread: Local Girl Seeks Meaningful Relationship with Firearm

  1. How about something from the Curios and Relics especially if your site sells anything that qualifies.

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    How about the .50 cal Hawkin Rifle, to the .50 cal Sharps, to the now well known .50 cal Barrett?

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    The .45 caliber S&W Schofield revolver
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    How about the Ruger LCP .380? It's supposed to be the best selling weapon at the moment.

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by localgirl View Post
    I work for an online retailer, and one of our sites sells gun safes.

    Part of my job is to write articles, and currently I'm writing about different firearms.

    I have written about 1911s, Mossberg 500s, Glock17s, and AR-15s. Any suggestions on the next few iconic firearms I should write about? Something you feel has had an impact on the gun world for any reason--good or bad.


    localgirl (Cori)

    I'm going to go against the grain here.

    Martini-Henry rifle as it's been involved in a lot of history around the globe.

    If you're stuck going modern, then I simply cannot resist the recent re-birth of the Dan Wesson revolver line.

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    I'd look at weapons that are a little less common. How about the Serbu "Super Shorty"?

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    If you are talking history, how about the most common weapons of the Wild, Wild West. First there is the history of the Colt SA pistol. From it's original design as the Walker Colt to the Peacemaker. All of the various calibers involved would be something to read about. Then, of course, there are the rifles of the West. The Sharps, Henrys, Springfields, and of course, Winchesters.

    Then, another genre of sorts, the sniper rifles. Moisan-Nagants, Dragunovs, M-82's, M-40's etc.

  9. Mmmmm.....Dragunov's (drool)....

    The only variant I don't care for in that genre is the PSL-54C as it's a hopped up big-brother version of a clunker Romanian AK and nowhere near the class of rifle as the other Drag variants, but there's nothing like the real thing.

    Had my hands on the SVD with the real IR scope on it on my last deployment to the sand-box. No chance of saving it or making it a US refugee. C.O.C. made us destroy everything.

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