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    I'm Aryn, and though Im a NY resident now, I spend a lot of time working in Nevada. Im a geologist working in Nye County between Tonopah and Ely. My question is this, I normally have a rifle with me in the field, but because it's heavy, I'm considering switching to a handgun (my work involves a lot of hiking in remote areas). There have been some 'incidents' where I work in the desert; recently with another female (I'm a female BTW) being shot in the leg by an unknown assailant, and a couple of run ins with wildlife (Mountain Lions, snakes, coyotes etc...). From what I can tell about the carry laws online a NY, UT, and/or FL permit will not allow me to carry a concealed weapon in NV. I don't really plan to carry the gun on my person except when I'm working out in the desert, mostly BLM land. But I just want to make sure I'm on the up and up when I'm driving. It seems to me, that I might not need a permit at all if I'm not planning to conceal carry into any urban areas, is that right? Thank you very much for any and all advice.

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    In general, most states don't require you to have a permit while "in the field." You just can't carry concealed. But I'm not an expert. If I were faced with the situation you describe, I'd get a .20 gauge youth shotgun. It's light weight and you can choose from a LOT of different loads. .00 Buck/Slugs for critters and people and lighter loads for snakes and the such.

    Then if you'd like a pistol for "back up" then you just need to find any caliber you are comfortable with.

    Good Luck and welcome.

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    You could probably get definitive answers if you post your question in the Nevada section of this site.

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