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  1. Walther PPS 40 or 9mm

    Anyone have any experience with a Walther PPS 40 S&W. I would like to know how they handle. I have a Springfield 40 and it would be better to only have one caliber to stock but if it is tough to shoot I'd be better off with the 9mm. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    I thought the PPS felt weird in my hand but I thought it shot well. I like 9mm over .40 Cal but that's because it's cheaper to get in the stores.

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    Here is a Youtube link

    This link may help you out.. this guy is pretty honest on his reviews... Hope it helps..
    YouTube - ‪nutnfancy's Channel‬‏
    You can ask any question on gun feels or look up and see if he already reviewed it..

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