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    In this modern day and Army (National Guard etc.) I really don't know but as some others have said I think that for him to just quit going to drills like that may result in renewing his CPL being of his minor worries. If that is all he is concerned about then he has not thought very much about it.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Ok let's be realistic:

    There has been one American shot for desertion since the mid 19th century I'm sure our hero is fairly safe.
    One word: hyperbole.

  4. I think being executed by firing squad would be preferable to living a life marred by a dishonorable discharge.

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    When a grown man signs a contract he fulfills his part of the bargain. Desertion for lack of interest is an insult and your friends has character issues far more critical than a concealed carry permit.
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    This doesn't reflect well on you. Your friend likes living in a free country and all that it provides but its just too inconvient to serve and protect its people and its boarders. Oh but I would like to continue carring my weapon and going about my day a free person! That military thing didn't work out for me. But I would still like all of you to put your life on the line so I can continue living the GOOD LIFE!!! what a crock!!! How dare you even bother the HONORABLE military people on this site with such GARBAGE!

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    Whatever it takes, convince your friend to return, or leave the country... far far away, and stay there... Find a nice cave and set up house.
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  8. Also not sure if it works retroactively but I imagine it could as right on the CCW form or at least for Florida (not sure what state your friend lives in) it asks if you have ever been discharged from the military under dishonorable conditions and if so you are no longer eligible to apply for the permit. It might be possible when renewal comes around a red flag comes up and puts a stop to his permit but that is just a what if...

  9. to correct myself i meant to say a "general under honorable conditions" discharge.

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    Way to go, guys. I think you scared him off.

  11. He confessed that a freind of his had comitted a felony. What should our reaction have been? The consequenced of the actions described in the OP are quite serious and go beyond the OP's original question.

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