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Thread: CCW Badge Sighted In The Wild

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    The badge took away my respect for him. However, I don't blame him for the shot.

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    I don't care about "no stinkin" badge. He's a hero for being prepared and protecting his four legged friend. Everything else is fluff.

    Nuff' said!!

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    He was in the right to shoot the dogs IMO if they attacked his dog.

    Note to the pit bull owner - keep you dogs under control and stuff like this won't happen.

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    But the badge sure is purdy...

  6. What a goof ball.

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    Criminals don't need badges to carry onto school grounds, banks and airport to attack citizens why in the hell do I need a badge?

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    Does Washington actually issue badges? Or did this guy have one made to impress himself?

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    The only reason why people want these badges, is so they can quickly impersonate someone of "AUTHORITY" so they won't be mistaken as a perp and get shot!! They are not AUTHORIZED to carry a firearm and to imply it by wearing a badge next to your firearm is WRONG!

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