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  1. infamous S&W 40VE

    Hello, this is my first post so sorry for my lack of knowledge. I know the S&W 40VE is not well received but I am looking for a decent pistol for home defense and I can't find a Glock locally for less than $600. So without knowing much about the 40VE I committed to buying it because the salesman talked me into and I seemed to like it. My problem is - is that the price tag said $550 but they said cash out the door is $450. That's $150 less than the Glocks they had so I put $200 deposit down and went home, googled it and see it's really about a $300 dollar gun.. So have I been taken? And is it to late to get my money back.

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    450 is way to much for this firearm..... I have the 9ve and its a great firearm but the retail is around 300 give it take 20. 450 is outrageous for it.

    I would bring this up to them, maybe bring some prices from the internet and if they are not willing to lower the price, get your deposit back.

    It is a good firearm for 300 or so, 450 not so much

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    Xx, there is nothing wrong with Sigmas. They are reliable, accurate, and durable. I own two myself. Now as far as the price, you did overpay, but live and learn. Not the end of the world. I have shooting for over 45 years and have overpaid for guns and stuff, but it comes out in the wash in that a number of guns have been given to me. Years ago, guns were only discounted a small amount under list. Today, with the free flow of information on the internet and the ability to buy off of various on line sources, the competition has forced the prices down further from list.

    The only reasonable argument against the sigma is the heavy trigger pull. If such pull is a problem, go to Wolf Springs and order a lighter striker spring that wolf makes just for the sigma. It will make the weight of the pull more desirable.

    Those who do not receive this weapon well, outside of the above issue, are individuals that are under the delusion that judging a gun solely by its price as an accurate measure of its real worth. Buy what you can afford and what you bought is perfectly fine for informal target practice and home defense. The gun is not a bullseye gun, but neither are glocks, xds, or any other weapon in that class. They are all defensive type pistols that are best used in scenarios of tactical shooting utilizing humanoid targets. Want to shoot bullseye for cash prizes, get ready to spend a few thousand on any number of firearms that are made for that purpose, which is exactly what your competition will be doing.

    Good luck in your new purchase.

  5. The 40v is OK, I've had one but what would you do if you could get a Glock 23 for 375ish? They are LEO trade ins and 90-95% very good condition. Check with MGM Tactical on Facebook. They have deals all the time. My last G23 was like 98%. Square folks to deal with.
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    I have a 40VE only paid 350 for it, I like it! For me the trigger pull is fine as I have a LCP as well and do fine with double actions. As said above go fight the price, go elsewhere or get a trade in LEO glock. Best of Luck!

  7. I hope I can get a refund. I don't think they are gonna budge much on the price. Since I don't have a concealed weapons permit, they obviously have to do a background check and if I chose to take a refund and I go elsewhere, will I have problems since I'll have to file another check?

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    I don't see any problems with another check. There isn't a limit on checks for your background.

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    ok, the Sigma is not a ad the price you paid is way to much for it...usually you see the Sigmas going for $250 -298 at the most, and usually as soon as you pay the money and fill out the form 4475 your done.
    the gun is yours and if you try to send it back your going to be selling it to them. this is not normal merchandise that you can take a 15% restocking fee.

    sorry man you where taken...I recommend not going back to that place ever again.

  10. Ok but isn't the 3 day waiting period in place so it give you time to rethink the decision. I only put $200 deposit on a total of $455. I haven't actually taken the gun as of yet, I just left a deposit and filled out the paperwork.

  11. Problem solved! They wouldn't budge on the price but they did allow me to transfer my deposit over to a Glock 23 for a out the door price of $550! Wooohoooo! Thanks to you good folks I wasn't ripped off and in 3 days I'll be a official Glock owner.

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