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Thread: Looking for the best handgun

  1. Talking Looking for the best handgun

    can you suggest any handgun that would best suit a girl like me?

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    Desert Eagle .50 AE

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    I have to know more about you. What is a girl like you like?

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  6. Not knowing your body type. For example small frame vs big frame,
    Not knowing strength, and experience with fire arms. Take a look at
    The Lady Smith And Wesson. It was design with women in mind. Easy to load and the trigger pull
    Is a little lighter for women. And it comes in pink too.

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    There's a lot goes into choosing a handgun, What's it going to be used for? Self defense or just target shooting? How familiar are you with firearms? etc... w/o specific info I wouldn't even want to speculate.

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    Best thing to do is call a couple gun ranges in your area and ask them if they rent guns to try out on the range. A lot of ranges have range guns you can try. Try out the different guns and see what feels best in your hand. Also, you will want to try different calibres of guns and see what calibre you can handle. If you are looking at this for target shooting, then a lower calibre would be good, if you are looking for the larges calibre you can handle. I also advise, if you are new to guns, that you check out some of the courses that ranges offer for proper handling and maintenance of the gun. I say this as I am not familiar with your knowledge level. But, once you figure out approximately what you are looking for, then you can zero in based upon price range and features.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberly Salgado View Post
    can you suggest any handgun that would best suit a girl like me?

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    I don't believe there is such a thing as 'the best handgun' because the types, models, and features all have advantages and disadvantages. Then there is choice of caliber of ammo, type of ammo, a holster maybe, plain or night sights, and considerations like one's physical abilities.
    The only advice I would give is at minimum you want a gun that you can grip well (not just tight but fits) to control it, has features you can master, and that you can put 3 fast shots in a 1 foot circle at 20 feet.

  10. best? all depends

    My wife is five feet tall, 135 lbs. She loves her Glocks 26 but it is hard to conceal. She carries a Kel Tec P32 but not much firepower. My LCP is a good balance of both and just bought het a Kel Tec P3-AT because she knows the brand and she can handle the extra kick. For what its worth.

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    I must agree with JsdinTexas 100% on this one and there is no need to add more.

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