Well, I drank the Kool-Aid
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Thread: Well, I drank the Kool-Aid

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    Well, I drank the Kool-Aid

    Last week I had a Beretta PX4 duty size and a Beretta PX4 sub compact both in 9mm.

    This week I now own 2 Glocks and no Berettas. I traded my full size PX4 for a compact G32 in .357 SIG and today I closed the deal by trading my PX4sc for a G36 .45 acp single stack 6+1 bad mother ******!!

    I have sworn off 9mm and now carry only big bore knock outs. Glock was always on my radar but after firing that .357 SIG like sweet butter! I fell in love!

    I was told about the 36 in .45 and the rest is history!

    Glock alone now owns my heart!

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    Its not kool-aid. I also was doubtful about Glocks. Then I fired one. I have carried them domestically and overseas. Dependable and they fire every time the trigger is pulled and never fire when the trigger is not pulled. So keep your meat hooks out of the trigger-guard unless you want it to go bang.

    I have fired other very fine firearms but Glocks are the best concealed weapon system out there. I carry something else open carry because if someone gets a Glock out of a "walking gun-rack" holster it will go bang if they point it back at me. If my open carry is ever snatched (I have been trained to avoid this) I will defend myself with my concealed Glock back up while the bad guy is fumbling with the safety. For concealed carry, nothing beats Glock.
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    I like glocks and had shot them but now use and carry a smith and wesson m&p in .357 sig.

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    I don't knock those that don't carry a Glock, but I must suggest that in terms of the reason a gun is needed, whether concealed carry or home defense, or just plinking, I rate the Glock as #1 in functionality and purpose.
    And ugly? I deer hunt with a G20 10mm OD model with a Wolf extended barrel (chrome and sticks out an inch or so past the slide) using a reflex sight mounted over the slide - now that's ugly! And with Winchester Silver Tips it's does the job.
    The .357 for its power and the G36 for .45 in a small package are very good choices.

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    I carry a Walther PK380 with Speer Gold Dot Ammo most of the time but if it comes to my attention that I might have a problem then I put on my Glock Md.#22 in .40 Cal. with the Crimson Trace Laser and Speer Gold Dot hollow point ammo.
    P.S. I carried a Glock Mod. #19 in the Police Department for many years.
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    I liked my G36 very much. I sold it because it was a bit redundant for me. I don't currently own a Glock but I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one if I felt the need.
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    ok, You did not drink the Kool-Aid Glocks are very good guns. Now for conceal carry they are a bit thick ( most of them) that is why I carry my G36 since it is a 45ACP and a single stack...if you are worried about open carry with a glock you need to get a good holster with a thumb break or if you can or like you can get a level II or III serpa. Up to your.

    Also remember to train as you carry... Just because you have a gun does not mean you are amred.
    congratulations on your purchase..!

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    hey stingray, I have decided to carry G36 daily without the holster. I have decided to go with the ClipDraw and the Saf-T-Blok behind the trigger. Will set up my G32 with the same setup.

    5 years ago when I went to my ccw class I borrowed a G36 to qualify and it used the above set up. Loved it.

  10. can someone with prior experience give me their impressions re: the 30 and the 36? I'm trying to sell a LNIB LCR .357 with 75 down the pipe in order to fund either a 30 or 36. How much easier is it to carry the 36 vs. the 30? I currently carry either a Kimber Compact Stainless II .45 or Kahr MK9 so I know that both the 30 and 36 will be no problem carrying......just want someone's first hand experience. Thanks.

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    I keep getting the feeling that all this discussion about "ready to fire, without much muss or fuss" is primarily for those who presume that ANY encounter they "get into" will be predicated on a "quick draw" scenario. Well and fine. (Reason why I "carry" a revolver.)

    Quick draw is nice to have in your battery of defensive manouvers..... yet, I just can't see where a fast pull and shoot is going to be that much faster than a fast pull, safety click off and shoot. (Semi autos available in both "types") Maybe half second difference (only if slow)?

    We could look at the scenarios where it MIGHT make a difference.

    1) You and BG draw simultaniously. (... and your task in the courtroom will be to prove that he wasn't "drawing" to defend himself against you?) Remember, "clear and present danger" to you is criteria for deadly force defense. (But Mr. D.A., I didn't know he was going for his "tunes" player!)

    2) Bad Guy has you "cold" but wavers in his attention to you and you can get the "drop" on him. (OK, I'll buy into that one. But you better be fast! ..... and NOT startle the BG too much!)

    3) Bad Guy has the drop on you, "cold" and does NOT waver in his attention. (Trying to quick draw in that circumstance.... high liklihood of getting yourself dead. However, may be only way to go if certain death awaits you. Slim chance being marginally better than no chance.)

    4) Bad Guy just shoots you, before you even know you are in danger. End of any potential encounter strategies.

    Most other scenarios..... your situational awareness should allow you a bit more than split second reactions. So, in consideration of the above... I'm afraid I will vote for a gun with a little safety to it, even if it costs me a split second.

    You have to play the probabilites, i.e. likelihood that I will EVER have to use a carry gun to defend myself, multiplied by the likelihood that it will be a split second encounter difference. (Right about here I start thinking I have a better chance of getting hit by lightening... at least in my living circumstances.)

    Finally, you can only plan, and train and hope so much..... but you can NEVER forsee how an incident will go down. In short, you can never consider yourself completely insulated from potential "down sides" of life.

    Having said that, I can say that hammerless autos without manuel safeties "bother my concern for safety" at a viceral level. OK, I will admit that I have no experience with them, but I read some of the horror stories about their "safety"..... and I get a little twitchy. But, that's just me.

    If that "decision" on the matter should someday make the difference between my continued existance or no...... well, I'll just consider it a bizarre quirk of fate. (Besides, I already know that I am going to meet my demise at the hands of a soccer mom, an octagenarian or a drunken college student behind the wheel of a vehicle..... at least the probabilities are MUCH higher!) (Considering the two/three "serious attempts" that lot tries on me every month. LOL!)

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
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