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Thread: Is the 9mm the new .22?

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    Thanks for the condolences, It's hard still, granted it was only a few months ago, but he was sick and I don't blame him or the gun. So I applied for and recieved my ccl 4 weeks ago & bought a new pistol.

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    I heard an old saying that a handgun was something one uses to get to his rifle. So are all handguns "the new .22"? Just saying.
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  4. Either round well placed to the head will take you out. However Im sticking to 9mm or larger for self defense.

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    There's nothing wrong with 9mm. Like every other caliber of ammo it has it's advantages and tradeoffs.
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    It doesn't matter if your shooting a 50BMG,50GI,22,9mm,45 etc,if you can't hit the target with the bullets then they are all useless!


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    My Father in Law worked for a meat packing company for many years and killed thousands of animals including cattle weighing over 1000 pounds, yep he put them all down with an old rolling block single shot 22 with shorts.
    Now he was an expert who knew exactly where to place his shots and he was all of 2 feet away when he did it.
    SO-shot placement is all, a 22 will kill just as dead as a 50bmg if it goes where it needs to.....

  8. I dropped a doe last hunting season with a 9mm from 20 yards. See where I got her in the pic. I have never seen anything drop to an instant stillness before in all my hunts.
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    Funny how people who say the 9mm is underpowered, will think a 38 Spl+p is good or even kicks to much, but with 124/125 gr hollowpoints the 9mm wins.
    Also love the people who are always going to shoot the bad guy between the eyes. They have never been shot at and the bad buy does'nt stand there and give you a free shot while you draw a fine bead on him. If you want a real simulation, run a block, then shoot at the small target while gasping air, ducking and swerving while the target swings back and forth. A gun fight is not the same as a paced out duel. Yes a 22 will kill, but not before there is a good chance they kill you too.
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    9mm is considerably cheaper than .40, .45, 454, etc. which means you can afford to practice more. My EDC is 9mm, but I have other choices. The 9X19 got a reputation as a poor stopper from ball ammo - JHP makes a big difference. As mentioned above any common handgun round is short on crunch but it's not always practical to carry a pump shotgun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtg452 View Post
    Dude, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ALL pistol rounds are underpowered until you start talking about .454Casull and up.
    Uh, ok. I would be willing to bet three to the chest with a 9mm and hollow points or golden sabres, that person is just as dead as with the .454. May not be as dramatic, but sure as hell effective. I am not a ballistics expert but just my thinkin.

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