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Thread: Is the 9mm the new .22?

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    I have carried a 9mm and a 45 for years. That being said I prefer the 9mm with hi cap mags.

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    Uh, ok. I would be willing to bet three to the chest with a 9mm and hollow points or golden sabres, that person is just as dead as with the .454. May not be as dramatic, but sure as hell effective. I am not a ballistics expert but just my thinkin.
    Oh, I agree completely!! I just wanted to point out to the chest beater that his preferred .40 and .45 were just as 'wimpy' as the 9mm is when compared to a round that can throw a 240gr bullet at over 2000fps. Compared to a rifle round, the .454 is still marginal.

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    As long as the hits are center mass, the BG "should" stop. One may not be enough. Lets say at least two rounds. You still have to hit the center of a moving target. I would practice moving while you are shooting too. If you can get two things moving at the same time and still score hits, I'm thinking 9mm, 40 or .45 will work just fine. (Maybe even a little ole .22 if you don't hit a rib. Of course that may really cause the bullet to wreck havoc.)

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    whats the bg going to do......stand still like a target while you take a target shooters stance and shoot him between the eyes....hope you never get a chance to'll come out on the losing end,my friend !!!!!!

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    all i was going for in this posting is now that in our "modern" times, 9mm is cheap enough we can train with it and get a better feel for the "feel" of a shot rather than the .22 just making a snap sound.

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