Is the 9mm the new .22?
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Thread: Is the 9mm the new .22?

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    Is the 9mm the new .22?

    Coming off this past week where I traded off everything 9mm I own for 2 Glocks (32&36) I got to wondering.

    I have fallen into the thinking that 9mm is to underpowered. Another poster here once posted "IDK why anybody would carry 9mm"

    The .22 round is for "training" kids and plinking. but 9mm is cheap enough to become our plinker but with some actual training elements unlike the .22

    We told the metric system to go pound sand and I think it's time maybe we told the 9mm to do the same.

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    9mm is not under powered..its got just wanna load it with JHP...thats where the knockdown is... in my opinion

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    Ok, so .22 and 9mm, not enough gun. show of hands, who wants to be shot with either first.

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    With good quality self defense ammo the lethality in people is negligibly different between 9mm and the larger pistol rounds. There are differences if you are trying to shoot through concrete walls, take down helicopters, or slay dragons but with a person in street clothes 9mm defense ammo is deadly enough

  6. I'm perfectly happy with 9mm.
    It's all about shot placement, not the size of the bullet.

    There must be a pun in there somewhere. LOL.
    Seriously though, hit em right, and all you need is a 22.

    Anyone within 30 ft of me, will get it between the eyes.

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    My brother died from a .22, granted it was suicide, nonetheless! I'm confident my 9mm will take care of BG's. Plus if a BG is staring down the barrel of a gun, I doubt the BG is going to care if its a 9mm or a .45.

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    For what it's worth, sorry for your loss

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    It all depends on how you define power. My personal preference for self defense is a 12 gauge with 3 inch magnums loaded with 00 buckshot. Compared to that any handgun round is underpowered. It is all a matter of compromise. What are your needs and what are your limitations? When I am going out in the woods for fishing or hunting and will be well out of cell phone range I prefer to take my Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum. This handgun will stop any varmints I encounter whether they have 4 legs or two. The 44 is not the best choice when making a trip to the convenience store for a soda or tank of gas. Like with any kind of shooting shot placement is key. I have seen deer and elk go down to one well placed shot from a 22 lr. That is not what I would prefer to use to hunt deer or elk anymore than what I want to use for self defense, however I would much rather have a 22, or 32, or 380 or even a 9mm than no handgun at all. I have many different caliber of handguns for many different duties. I spend as much time practicing with them in the manner they may need to be used so that if the time comes I need to use them I am ready to use them effectively. A 9mm that you can quickly put 3 rounds into a 12 inch circle is a much better choice for defensive purposes than a 45 that you can not control.

  10. Dude, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ALL pistol rounds are underpowered until you start talking about .454Casull and up.

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    @ scottbland: thanks for the condolences. It was tough at first didn't want to touch a gun for months, then figured heck he wasn't in the right mind set so I can't blame him or the gun. Then I went & bought a gun then 2 weeks later went n applied for my ccl then recieved it in the mail 3 weeks ago.

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