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    purchased the 738 for pocket carry. problem is the gun ejects the shell caseings at my face anyone have any coments on this ken47

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    It might need to have the extractor tension adjusted

  4. Quote Originally Posted by danielp View Post
    It might need to have the extractor tension adjusted
    Do you mean the EJECTOR extension?

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    Call taurus, they should fix it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cawpin View Post
    Do you mean the EJECTOR extension?
    Ejector/Extractor, the part that ejects or extracts the spent brass.

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    Its a simple adjustment, if you have a local gunsmith he should not charge much at all takes 5 or 10 mins, or send it back to Taurus and wait for who knows how long, ....... I like Taurus guns but there cust service really sucks, if I buy a Taurus and it does not operate correctly right off the bat, and I cannot fix it myself, its gone, sold or traded, but my wife and I have two 738s and really like them no trouble at all, also have a 709 and like it, recently tryed a 740, and it sucked, trigger way to hard, pulled your shot off no matter how hard you tryed to keep it on, I would explane my trouble with Taurus cust sevice but Luke might give me hell for takeing up to much space............LOL

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