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  1. need advice

    I'm thinking of purchasing a walther p99 for my next pistol. I was just wondering if anyone out there owns/has owned one and what they thought about it. Pro's and con's and such.

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    I would strongley suggest that you Rent or Borrow one and shoot same to see if YOU like it prior to spending money on one,

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    +1 on what Sgt Bill states. This is the only way to know if it fits your hands and shooting style. I got to shoot one at my last job. Not a bad pistol. Accurate enough, reliable as well. Nothing about it jumped out at me to say "Buy Me NOW" though. The first polymer pistols to do that, meaning the fit in my hand / shooting style were the XD and XDm series from S.A.
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  5. Yeah you're right. I also got started with the polymers on with a XD compact 45. Now I carry a HK USP. 9 mil. I'm all for the polymers but like youaaod I guess I gotta shoot it first but it'll be hard to find one to rent or borrow. Not a popular weapon

  6. Sorry Terminal Lance, but sounds like you answered your own question with your last statement. ;-)

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    I had a P99 in 9mm. It's a nice gun, but it's not one that I'd like to carry.

    I sold it a couple of months ago with less than 500 rounds through it.

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    I have a P99 AS - I really like it. Shoots very well. I carry it consistently. There are 2 models of P99. I chose the AS it has a double pull then single. I like the decocker too. My 17 year old shoots it very well. I have close to 3,000 through mine. I have shot IDPA and IPSC with it.
    Now... all that said, because it is an almost full size pistol and I have a 1911, I am looking to trade it for a M&P 9c. But I have had really good luck with this weapon.

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