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    Quote Originally Posted by localgirl View Post
    so, was i supposed to use the handle of my revolver to hang that picture in the living room, or not?

    I take it, it didn't go BOOM!
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    Quote Originally Posted by localgirl View Post
    So, was I supposed to use the handle of my revolver to hang that picture in the living room, or not?
    No...but I love you...Just make sure your booger finger doesn't go in any of the holes, OK?

    Mine are EKM (Emergency Killing Machines) use only...
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    I stopped caring about what anti-gun, anti-American liberal douche nozzels care about long ago. They could care less if you called it an anti-rape device. Fact is they don't like guns and nothing is going to change their minds about it. A gun is a tool if your job is a LEO or soldier, my guns are for sport, fun and self defense if it came to it. The ones that are the most fun to shoot are my favorite toys.
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    a screwdriver is a tool, drill as well, hell even a hammer. last time i checked my gun didnt really do any of that, plus i like to say that when im at the range im having fun with my gun. i know its not a toy but neither is a toy poodle, but people still refer to it as a toy. let people call it what they want. gun, firearm, personal protection, toys, whatever. just my opinion.

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    Well, despite having been accused of being a crotchety, old, know-it-all, anal retentive curmudgeon (When it comes to weapons and safety thereof [guilty as charged, except for the know-it-all part.]), As HORKOS and I discussed recently, at some length.....

    My wife and I refer to our weapons, at times, between ourselves, as our toys.

    The other side of the equation is the fact that gun ownership has certain responsibilities inherent. Therefore, when I hear some of our "gun slingers" breakin' BAD, talking tough or exposing a sort of devil may care attitude about gun ownership and safety, I cringe inwardly. These are exactly those who will be in the statistics' count for AD/ND, safety violations, perhaps even harming someone "accidently". (Probabilities ARE what probabilities are.)

    So, "don't be so serious"? Surely you jest. I think the reason some of us get a little anal retentive about guns, safety and "light banter" about them is that we like to insure that the sence of "responsibility" required of gun ownership is existant in all who own them. In a Nation where it seems to me that the national passtime is to avert any personal responsibility or to pass it off on someone else, gun ownership is NOT one of those areas of "buck passing".

    You see, it is generally the observation that "The public simply isn't responsible enough for........." that gets the "we know what's best for you/Public Safety" weenies' panties all in a wad..... at freedom loving individuals' expense. Gun responsibility is exactly in that category. .... and it IS all perception. Since the Media is generally in the pockets of the "Feel good about yourself and your perceived safety" crowd..... we go in with two strikes against us. I prefer NOT to be the thrower of the third strike.

    Just sayin'.

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    If it were up to the OP there would have been no...Say Hello To My "LITTLE FRIEND" and that would be truly sad:(

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    Quote Originally Posted by titaniumman View Post
    If it were up to the OP there would have been no...Say Hello To My "LITTLE FRIEND" and that would be truly sad:(
    Thats Hollywood, different purpose. All I'm trying to make happen here is awareness of how we come accross to the other side by our everyday interactions with others. It is a mindset that can change others outlook on our objectives.
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    I don't know why people get so upset about the nomenclature or the so called proper discription of a firearm. When I was working as a Det. Sergeant in the Police Department my firearm was in fact a life saveing tool. When called out for the SWAT team as the Sgt. in charge of the Sniper Unit my .308 Styer with double set triggers and a Swarvoskie 3 X 9 X 50 scope was still a tool. When I went to a Pistol Match on the weekend to shoot in a NRA 1500 match for a place on the Govenor's 20 list my custom made slab sided Model #10 Smith & Wesson Revolver was still a tool. My off Duty weapon was a Smith & Wesson 9 M.M. model #469 Semi Auto Pistol and this was still a tool.
    All of the above stated weapons are in fact Life Saveing Tool's NOT TOY'S. Today I am retired and I carry a Walther PK380 and again this weapon is a tool not a Toy.
    Bill Hurley
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