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    I carry 180 gr. Federal HST now, but have used Win. Ranger in the pasr.

  3. I've used Federal hydroshok for the last 6 years. After a few thousand rounds through my Glock I have never had a misfire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebelex View Post
    I've used Federal hydroshok for the last 6 years. After a few thousand rounds through my Glock I have never had a misfire.
    Don't expect one anytime soon either, Glocks are boringly reliable.

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    i carry federal hst 155 grain, winchester ranger t 165g or speer gold dot 155g, in both my fullsize M&P and my subcompact XD.

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    155gr hand-loaded hot.

    Sorry, know it doesn't help but I load my own rounds and if I don't have the dies my friend does.

  7. My Primary carry gun is an XD40 Sub Compact. I use Federal Hydra-Shock Jacketed Hollow Point rounds in 135gr. I selected them because of their high velocity, and their reputation for consistent expansion. Because of their use by multiple Police Deprartments and Federal Agencies, should the unthinkable happen and I end up in court. I could easily justify the use of those rounds as "good guy" bullets should an over zealous prosecutor try to demonize them.

    I practice with rounds that I load myself. I started with Berrys 135gr FMJ Plated bullets and I worked up the load to chrono similarly to the federal rounds I carry. I usually load up a few hundred rounds per month and put them down range. During my birth month I buy new carry ammo and put my old ones down range.

    Although I do reload my brass and keep good records, I am not comfortable carrying what I load myself. I do not doubt my abilities at the reloading bench, I do not carry reloaded ammo for reasons of liability. Factory ammunition is reliable and by design produces relatively stable balistics. This allows for forensic testing after the fact. I simply do not want my own loads to be an issue in court. It is worth the $50 per year to me for that piece of mind.

    Far better to save money on my practice rounds. It just doesn't make sense to be miserly when it comes to self protection.

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    I use Ranger subsonic and Critical Defense in my XDM .40 I like the Critical defense a little better because it is a lighter round and more likely NOT to exit, plus it has that little insert in the hollw point that insures expansion of the round. I think those things are important for everyday carry
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