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    Speaking of which.... did anyone see the "You tubes" of that young lady from France? The competition shooting gunslinger par excellance? Show them to your daughter, DAD. Inspiration comes from observation.

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    Good on you for encouraging your daughter! Our kids have always been shooting enthusiasts and compete in both firearm and archery competitions. Check out your Madison County 4-H for a Shooting Sports project: Madison County 4-H Clubs (Alabama) - Club - Huntsville, Alabama | Facebook as my oldest went 10 years with them and the other 3 are on their way to 10 years. So far, we have stopped at the State Competitions and the kids have yet to ask to tryout for a National team, but I'm thinking the youngest (10) has enough of an interest to give it a try in a couple of years. My oldest son is now 21, then a daughter at 17 and another at 15, and my youngest son is 10. The older kids love trap the best, but youngest is hooked on Smallbore Rifle so far.

    Oldest son (21) shooting trap:

    16 year old daughter in Pistol:

    Niece (17) in trap:

    15 year old daughter (trying to overcome a "leaning" issue) in trap:

    10 year old on the "line" in smallbore with me:

    Look at all those wonderful 8-13 year olds lined up!

    I have lots more, but afraid I would overload the servers and you all.
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    OK. I wanna do that! Thanks. Emily

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    Quote Originally Posted by localgirl:204959
    Hey LS's Kid!

    When I was a young girl, maybe 5, my parents set up cans and a little bench for me to shoot a .22 rifle. I wasn't very good, but sometimes I actually hit something.

    My parents taught me a lot of really important things about guns, like to treat all guns as if they were always loaded--even if someone says they're not! You also never point at anything you don't mean to shoot, which I know your Dad told you at least once :)

    I don't have pictures, but I go out with my friend and her two kids and they like shooting! Her girl is 6 and shoots air guns, and her boy is 11 and is really good with the .22 rifle--he hits the bull's eye almost every time! As they continue to get better, they graduate to bigger guns. This year we might take the boy deer hunting!

    So long as you know the basic safety rules, there's so much you can do! Shoot targets, clays, cans. You might even want to get into competitions when you're older. If you move on to bigger guns, I bet your Mom or Dad would love to take you hunting, too.

    I started shooting a long time ago, and now I'm a woman who owns lots of firearms and knows how to use and take care of them all. Thanks to my parents, I have a healthy respect for what guns can do, and how much fun they can be, too.

    So don't get discouraged, your Dad has you on the right track. Just keep practicing, and you'll find more shooting friends and competitions as you get older, I promise! Remember, if you like something, don't quit.
    Thanks for writing me. My daddy let me shoot a bigger gun one time but I didn't like it. I like my little one. He makes me read the 10 comanmints all the time before I go shooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grognard Gunny:204965
    Quote Originally Posted by cleveland View Post
    Oh man, you are in big trouble. She keeps this up and in 10 years you'll have every boy in a 60 mile radius beating down your door. LOL!!!
    .... and you can bet dollars to doughnuts that they will treat her with the due respect one human deserves from another. LOL!

    Said testosterone filled lad;
    "It just ain't fair!
    I'm in love with the girl
    with the golden hair!"
    When "asked", her Dad said;
    "Son, don't worry about ME!
    She can take care of herself.
    Misbehave and you'll see!"


    Yeah. I'm not thinking I am gonna have to worry too much about her.

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