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    Black Hills - 124 gr. JHP +P

    The bullet performed well in my informal testing with water jugs and muddy ditch banks. But mostly because it was the most accurate of those "performance" rounds tested in my Browning Hi Power.

  3. what I use

    I like to use Federal BPLE 9mm (115grain), sometimes available for $18/box of 50 rounds, At Cheaper than Dirt. These are +P rounds, which the Glocks will handle. I also like Corbon DPX 115 grain, which is Usually $25-30/ 20 rounds. The DPX rounds are very loud, but have minimal recoil for a powerful round. Mas Ayoob and the Pro Arms shooters seem to like the Winchester Ranger Talon 124 grain rounds, which are +P. I tried a few of these today in my G17. They ran well, and were accurate. I am keeping these in my 9mm. Any of these should work well. Be sure to try them at the range to see how your Glock likes them, and how you shoot them. You want to be comfortable with the rounds before depending on them to protect yourself.

  4. I got some Speer Gold Dot today because it's the only one of the suggested brands my shop had on hand. The shop owner highly recommended them as well. I'll shot them this weekend and what they're all about. Thanks again for the advice.

  5. I have a few hundred rounds of the following in 9mm:

    Remingon Golden Saber bonded 124 gr +P (Cabella's had these on sale for $18.99/20)
    Federal HST 124 gr +P (just got these for $28 per 50 from Ammo to Go)
    Winchester 124 gr +P

    I trust my life to any of these three.

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