Ghost kit for my Glock 19
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Thread: Ghost kit for my Glock 19

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    Ghost kit for my Glock 19

    Afternoon everyone.

    I'm happy to say I recently became a proud owner of a Glock 19 Gen 4. First off it's a great gun to own, but (at a gun show) I heard of a company called Ghost Inc. They specialize in upgrading/improving Glocks.

    Has anyone heared of this company?? Is it worth buying their parts?? If so, which ones???

    Thanks in advance.

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    dude, im not sure if were talking about the same Ghost company but if we are, they have some bad asssss rear iron sight that you must get! It was just made for center of mass .45/.357 SIG 1 shot Bad Guy stop! (i use those calibers)

  4. yes i have and i havent heard anything bad about them. As a certified Glock Armorer I order from Glock but i usually order from the things that are competition oriented and not factory stock.

    To your second question. What are you looking to do with it? thats the determining factors of what to get. I have a Gen3 Glock 19 and i have a 3.5lb connector and a competition coil spring and it works awesome. I use it for PPC and is around 5lbs or so.

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    We picked up one last friday, shot it at the store, they have a nice range, sat morning I put in a 3.5 gost connector, light striker spring, heavy trigger spring, and a light safety spring, all Ghost products, in fact I used Ghost stuff for all my glocks, anyways we took the 19 back to the range with some 30 rd mags I got from a friend, untill we got tired I was keeping close to a 2inch group at 25yds, put the gun in a rest and the group got close to 1inch, the wifey and I do well with all the Glocks but once we get some good time with the 19, I think it will be our first choice target gun

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    Sounds good to me. I'll check them out for my G19

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    I'm a big believer in their products now. I have put their Ghost Rocket Trigger kits in both my G34 and G30SF. These kits include their 3.5# connector and the Self Defense springs. With the Rocket connector you have to file to the over-travel tab in order to get the trigger to have no over-travel, but still be able to fire. It takes a little time but is well worth it in my opinion. There are numerous videos on Youtube showing how to do this little job. Good luck.

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