~the fastest quick draw ever~
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Thread: ~the fastest quick draw ever~

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    ~the fastest quick draw ever~

    For those of you who have never seen this guy in action before here it is:
    The guy is a freak of nature! BOB MUNDEN

    We ALL shall see the Lord one day .... please don't make me set up the meeting.

  3. I saw him one time long ago and he was great, scary how fast he is. Just think your a bad guy and see him you would think he is just a normel guy and be easy to take then BOOM,BOOM. LOL

  4. That is how you should open carry.

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    The video is impressive but in person he is more impressive. I met Bob over 30 years ago in Atlantic City when I was in charge of the Police Weapons Range. Bob was doing a show at the Steel Pier and wanted to use the Police Range for practice. He showed me many thing's that I could do with several weapons with a little practice that was very impressive, like shooting the ejecting shell from a 1911 .45 ACP while it was in the air with the weapon that had just ejected it. With a lot of practice it seems real simple to do. Now a days it would cost too damn much money to stay in practice to perform this trick and never let it be said that this is more then a trick. It serves no usefull function other then to impress people.

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    Saw him live a couple of years ago, no fake video here, unbelieveable.

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