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Thread: Separate Gun and Ammo Safes?

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    If a safe maker wants to offer me a buy-one-get-one deal then I'll gladly have one for each. Until then my ammo gets stacked outside the safe.
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    Guns in safe or locked area, ammo in metal boxes or in bins. No kids
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    Thanks everyone.

    I should have a blog post up sometime this week. I'll let you know.

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    OK, just posted a little blog entry at Guns and/or Ammo : Gun Safes Blogger

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    It makes sense. If you have a fire and it cooks off your ammo it'll damage your guns that may otherwise possibly have made it. Having the ammo in a safe makes sense, too, because the last thing you'd want is to kill your whole local fire department with your ammo going off in the closet. You might be disliked after that.

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    I keep my guns in the safe, and the amo Locked in amo cans, Amo cans hidden well.. the reason is if a BG gets in and manages to open the safe, he can't shoot me with my own guns...
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    I keep the most used guns and some ammo for them in the safe.

    The rest of both are in another secure area in footlockers and ammo cans.

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    I have a double wide safe with over 90 firearms of ammo, rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers, although that is why I purchased it 12 years ago. The only problem it is stored at my uncle's house 30 miles from where I live as I was transferring my firearms from kalifornia to Arizona.

    I do not have a safe at my house, but I do have firearms within reach of where I'm at, and being retired living in a gated retirement community and being home all the time I keep my ammo and firearms close to me for easy access. I will most likely buy a finger safe or two for my firearms and ammo. Although for the past 12 years I never felt the need for one. When I do leave, my firearms usually go with me as this is a concern of mine with the cartels, gangs and crazies running around today. I have a more concern for my Beagle being at the house as he will lick you to death, I will just shoot you. Forget the Dog, Beware of Owner.
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