A new one firing range and training facility is now open in South Bend, IN. Features 2 indoor climate controlled ranges and a 1,000 sq. ft. live fire shoothouse. This is a lead free facility using only lead free Frangible ammunition.

Standard Range: Knockdown auto reset and static steel targets ranging from 10' to 72'. Handgun calibers. Point down range and shoot.

Tactical Range: Moving steel targets and auto reset steel targets. Draw and fire and tactical reload is allowed. Range also features a siren, light bar, dimming lights and fog machine. Rifle and shotgun are allowed as long as it is lead free frangible ammunition.

Live Fire Shoothouse.
1,000 sq. ft live fire shoothouse featuring three 3D ballistic dummies, 5 paper target stands and two remote controlled pop up targets.

Open to the public for hourly rental or with memberships. Check us out at LIVE FIRE SHOOTHOUSE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - Kodiak Firing Range & Traning Facility, Inc..