Where is my Browning High Power People?
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Thread: Where is my Browning High Power People?

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    Where is my Browning High Power People?

    FN Browning High-Power 9mm. Awesome.

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    I had a fn highpower (my first gun) never should have parted with it!

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    mine was made in 1965

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    Never been a big fan of the High-point or Hi-power.

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    Love mine Belgium Made..

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    My favorite 9mm. Currently wearing one.

  8. Well I have three 2 with adjustable sights.

  9. The first time I fired my new BHP I thought I had a misfire. Then I looked at what used to be the "X" - and thought I could like that thing! After carrying a 1911 for a number of years the "powers that be" decreed that I had to go 9mm, so naturally I went to the BHP. A couple of years later I had a chance to buy the first BHP in .40 cal sold in this town. Last month I shot a 250x250 with it during my annual qualification. My normal duty gun is a .45 (again!), but the BHP .40 is my main alternate. Love those Browning designs!

  10. Started out with one of the early Argentine Hi Powers that were built on FN machinery back in the mid '80's. That one was built to Belgian specs and was probably the best Hi Power I've owned. Added a two tone Browning Practical (Belgian made, assembled in Portugal, unfortunately) after they came out. I've also had a Canadian Inglis and one of the Hungarian clones as well. Presently own a FN commercial model that was made in the mid '90's and more are on the wish list.

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    We ALL shall see the Lord one day .... please don't make me set up the meeting.

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