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Thread: Question to those who have been in a firefight with an alternate weapon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hootus View Post
    All good points. This thread has got me to thinking... I am now considering a light 45 (like a Kimber Ultra) and practice practice practice for muscle memory with its thumb safety. Then if I have to draw the Glock under pressure, it won't cost any measurable time if I try to flip a nonexistent thumb switch while preparing to fire the weapon.

    I think. (?)
    I think this is a better scenario than the first (working between 3 different modus operandi).

    Stay safe,

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    By and large, however..... unless you are a combat vet/LEO and well used to firefights.... (AND have survived them all)..... if you survive your first combat firefight, you will be shaking like a leaf, you will have to check to see if you have soiled your skivvies and if you have killed a man, you will have to resist the urge to puke. (Bad form, you know!) (LOL!)

    Aside from that, training will do you good in the long run. Especially if you can get it down to an automatic reaction "drill" that you do NOT have to think about, once the commitment to "firefight" is made, mentally.

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  4. I was a cop in african in the 70's I was in 4 gunshot incidences. 2 were with a 45 auto and then rifles and 1 was with a shotgun and the last just the 45 1911. The first one We were on motorpatrol and came on a robber who had a rifle at a local open bar. we were about 25 feet from him when we pulled up. We were sitting in a open top jeep. he fired first and ran we pulled our pistols they were the easy ones to reach and we fired and missed. We grabbed our rifles and hit him at about 40 yards twice. he died later. I had no trouble with the safty or getting my 45 out. just missed cause we were ducking and moving to get out the passenger side. Getting the rifles took just a second or two longer. If he had stood his ground and took better aim I think he would have won. I think the bad guy has the advantage if he takes it and uses it. and the other incidences we had our guns out and time to think so we were ready.
    I think you should train with all your weapons you don't know what you will need. but if you have only 1 gun. better train a lot if you are thinking your going take on a man with a gun who has his gun out and you don't. the odds are on his side if his gun is ready. in a gun fight long guns are better, shotgun up close, and rifles next and handguns last. i have seen a badguy shot multiple times with handguns and run a mile before going down. I like my 45 and train with it a lot I have had it for 30 years.
    I can use it pretty good but if I have time I grab a long gun, so If your in your house use a shotgun, only got a handgun get under cover and then shoot if you can. in the open shoot and run and shoot while you run. If you do not have to arrest the guy (your not a LEO.) do not chase a wounded bad guy or any badguy. why risk your life if he is going away. Let him bleed out or go home. if you train with one gun you will get the best results with that gun, your skill will carry over to other guns if you know how they work if you have time to get ready. fast gun fight you need the gun you train with the most. and then You will miss if you don't train like you will use it, running, ducking, on your belly, fast snap look and shoot from behind cover. and up close and face to face at 3 ft. cause thats how it going be, fear will slow you down but as you decide to draw it will speed you up. shoot till the guy is down, if your close take his gun if your not close get behind cover and wait, watch him till your sure he is out of the fight. no need to get killed by a dead guy. One of my buddys got shot after shooting a guy who raped a women and was shot 10 min earlyer and went down and was still he pulled a 380 and fired hitting my friend in the arm and the chest.
    your not superman but in your familes eye you as close as it gets, are you ready. seeing your little girl or boy hurt from a dumbasx hurts more than you ever want to feel. match that with ok you killed somebuddy who was trying to take them out of your life. I will buy the drink of your choosing, when your done.
    when you old and getting ready to meet st peter, will you be able to look him in the eye and say i did what i had to do.
    no lawers just you and him.
    Ya know we should all meet in a backyard cook out and have a coke and a smile. wearing 45'S and 9mm, 357's and someone gots to have a 44 mag or 445 just cause the size thing would make a great joke. can you see a cop pulls up cause we are playing the beachboys too loud and we are better armed than him. that face he would make would be a kodac moment seeing all the guns. Hey we could invite that chief Flinn na he would get drunk and shoot the dog or hit on someone girlfriend or get sick in the pool. Ya know the type!

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    What ever you decide on just remember it must fit you well, if you pick up a gun and it just don't (feel) right DO NOT get it, then keep in mind the least amount of operations you must do to put that weapon into operation and fire, the better, and the anology of the differant vehicals is not really fair, what I meen is you don't normaly have to get into several differant types of cars and drive them while someone is trying to run you down or shoot at you

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    I have never shot at anyone using my pistol.

    I have been shot at and returned fire with a rifle.

    When you hear a bullet singing by your ear, you respond.

    I hope I never have to with a pistol, however I will if forced too, and it will be automatic response.

    My life or theirs. I treasure mine.
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    1) Response to Post #10 by Treo. I practice draw, present, and be ready to fire. Draw, aim, shoot could result in firing automatically when maybe you shouldn't. No, I don't advocate presenting as a threat, but in a rapidly evolving situation what happens between decision to draw and shooting things could change. Not meant as criticism. YMMV.

    2) Why carry a Mak on safe? A DA/SA auto can be carried safely with the safety off.

    3) Camparison to driving - We have a car and a pickup by different manufacturers. After driving the car exclusively for while I find myself activating the wipers in the truck when I meant to turn the lights on because the stalks are on opposite sides. I had a Dan Wesson revolver with the latch in front of the cyl, and in informal contests would find myself reaching for the DW cyl latch when shooting a S&W. Yes, lots of training is the answer, but when your life is at stake the KISS Principle takes precedence.

    4) Not mentioned yet - If you carry 2 autos, you probably don't want different mags. Carry guns that use the same mag so you don't reload with thw wrong one.

    My EDC is a Steyr S9 which operates like a Glock. I have a CC size SA .45 but prefer to carry a draw and shoot design because the less to think about the better. BUG is a .38 revolver which is also point and shoot.

    If multiple replies occur I tried to post and nothing happened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    Is it you just want to carry a 45 or you wanted the 1911 style?.......if its just haveing a 45, the Small Kimber is a good choice, but its a little rich for a lot of people, have you tryed a Glock 36, small for a 45, conceals well, and being a Glock, its super simple to operate, and go's bang every time
    My priorities are caliber and concealment, but I have to admit I am a 1911 fan too. I considered the 36 for the very same reasons you outline. But the Kimber is really small - as small as the 26 except for a longer grip, plus it is much thinner. I'm going with the Kimber.

    Thanks again for this thread. Time to go practice now :)

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    I agree with the above. You should train with and carry the simplest weapon possible. I CCW with a TCP and open carry a M&P9c.
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    Update: I'm breaking in the Kimber now. It's a work of art but not yet what I would carry. 3 jams in the first 200 rounds so far. But wow it's small and light. A true ultimate concealed carry if it can be depended on. And more accurate than I am.... I cannot believe how accurate a 3" .45 could be. Gonna put this thing to work on the range and see if I can get it to start running with no failures. I've been given the advice that a couple of Wilson magazines will cure the FTFeeds, but am a little miffed to spend over a thousand bucks on a firearm only to be told it needs another brand's magazines to make it function.

    The Glock just goes bang and to my recollection has never failed. Never. So for now, appendix carry Glock when dress allows (100% 9mm beats 97% .45 in my book). LCP in the front pocket all the time. Both Glock and LCP are draw-pull-bang; same action and similar draw from carry platforms. I'll keep it simple and similar. Good advice taken on this thread.

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