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    I prefer all my guns in the 1911 platform regardless of frame size. I can't stand revolvers. So, put me down as ditto for let her choose for herself. Try to rent or borrow as many different kinds as you can, go to the range, and shoot them all with her. Encourage her to choose the one she looks forward to practicing with. The airweight revolvers are painful to shoot more than a couple times, but I can shoot my .45 1911 for hours.

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    There so many firearms to select from, like the Lady Smith&Wesson, Ruger Sp 101, etc., but why does one assume a revolver is what a lady really wants. Let her pick out her own firearm, as it is not so much the look, or easiest to use, but how the firearm feels in her hand. Yes a semi-autos do have a tendency to stove pipe or even jam but with practice both can be resolved.
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    If at all possible, have her try an SP101 before she decides. The wife loves hers.

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    Having worked in a gunshop for 4 1/2 years, I've put a lot of revolvers in ladies' hands. The 442/642 are great guns, but better if you put the Hogue 3 finger grip on them. The LCR and Bodyguard are awfully light. The Windicator and SP101 are awfully heavy. I haven't seen one yet, but I'm thinking the Chiappa Firearms Rhino might be worth looking into. Recoil is reduced by the lower barrel. Best thing to do is put as many revolvers into their hands as possible, remembering that things such as trigger pull and grip can be modified.

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