Best Revolver for Women
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Thread: Best Revolver for Women

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    Best Revolver for Women

    Ladies, what would you suggest as the best top of the line revolver for females for concealed carry/home defense? My girlfriend has hinted that she wants a revolver and I was wondering what would be your suggestions. I have an LCP and I've heard that the LCR is quite powerful and is too much for most smaller women. Please help. :) I am looking to spend around $200-$500.

  3. Don't underestimate you wife. I shoot a 9mm and would not really want anything larger. My wife shoots a .45 and is a much better shot than me.

    I think she would carry an. .88 magnum if her purse was big enough. :)

  4. Donít under estimate your wife, I carry a 9mm and my wife a .45. She handles that .45 better than I can handle the 9mm.

    She would carry an 88 magnum if she could get it in her purse.

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    My wife likes her Ruger SP-101 (2 1/4" barrel) in .357mag.

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    The LCR in .357 is heavier than the .38 making recoil more subdued if shooting .38s. Plus you still have the option of using .357 ammo.

  7. I know it's not a revolver, but my wife and I went out looking for her. And after handling numerous firearms, she came home with a ruger lcp. And to make the deal even sweeter I liked it so much, I grabbed one also withdrawn the Crimson trace laser on it. 6 + 1 instead of 5 or 6 rounds of a revolver. Also they offer a plus 2 extension for the magazine on $305 without laser and $450 with it. Worth a trip to your local FFL. Let her put it in her hand I think she might change her mind. Good luck which ever way you go. Ruger LCR felt pretty good, or the Lady S&W.

  8. The right revolver for her is the right revolver for her end of discussion. Women, just like men have their capabilities and preferences. I have often been surprised by them.

    Some women prefer the smaller lighter firearms, some like my wife, prefer a full frame 1911. You really do not know what is going to work for her until you go out to the range and try a few things first. Having her take a few trips to the gun store and handling as many as possible would not be a bad thing either.

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    S&w 442/642

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    DocMusTang got it right. Only she will know what gun is right for her. Take her shopping and let her choose. If she is not on board with the decision no matter how many recommendations you get she will not be happy with it. And if she doesn't like it, she won't shoot it. Buying a gin is a major life decision like buying a house or a car.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bufordtpisser View Post
    Buying a gin is a major life decision like buying a house or a car.
    I agree, but I usually end up going home with Tanqueray or Boodles (when I can find it)

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