Shotgun Surgery-Why the Brits Don't Have Guns?
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Thread: Shotgun Surgery-Why the Brits Don't Have Guns?

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    Question Shotgun Surgery-Why the Brits Don't Have Guns?

    British man attempts surgery with shotgun after dealing with painful wart. (Man uses shotgun to blast off painful wart - World news - Weird news - Bedeviled by a painful wart and receiving no cure from doctors, man decided to try a radical and permanent surgery using a 12 ga. shotgun. After anesthesizing himself with ale, he stretched out his left hand, aimed and pulled the trigger and the wart was gone. Unfortunately, there was collateral damage, it blew off nearly his entire middle finger and left him also facing a possible prison term for illegal possession of a firearm. His comment afterwards; "I didn't expect to lose my finger as well when I shot it but the gun recoiled and that was it. The wart was gone and so was most of my finger. There was nothing left, so, no chance to reattach it." Could this be a reason for having disarmed the Brits? Heres Your Sign!

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    What an idiot, just how friggin stupid can you be to try something like that ?. That probably one good reason Brits arn`t allowed to have guns.

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    You know, a little pair of scissors works fine. Or some wart remover. Or a dermatologist. Or really anything else.

  5. Shoulda used an 8GA ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by eXGee11 View Post
    Shoulda used an 8GA ;)
    He wouldn't have a hand at the very least.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Seeya:206933
    Quote Originally Posted by eXGee11 View Post
    Shoulda used an 8GA ;)
    He wouldn't have a hand at the very least.
    Its a "remove the warning label and let the problem solve itself" kind of suggestion.

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    If he had clamped the shotgun in a vise, put the wart part of his finger in front of the muzzle and enlisted the help of a friend to pull the trigger; well the wart would be gone, his finger would be for the most part intact and the muzzle blast would have cauterized the wound. He had a workable plan, but he lacked the fine motor skills to pull it off.
    Disclaimer: I hope no one takes this seriously.

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    Obviously "Socialized Medicine" (UK style) failed this person.

    Obviously the UK Government has decided that the citizenry are not to be trusted with weapons. (That is either a case of the Government not trusting the people to put up with their antics unchallanged, or they believe the general population is too ignorant to have weapons and now lack the means to learn how to use them properly.)

    Either way, a sad comentary on how far down the mighly British Empire has slid since WWII. (Don't smirk, Americans, we are heading down the same primrose lane.)

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    How can one even begin to comment on this guy.Only thing comes to mind Are you F_ _ _ _ing kidding me.Idiot

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    Ya see..................... guns will help eliminate the mental dullards --- a great form of euthanasia! (ol' Uncle Adolf had it right).
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