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    I'm looking for a quick access handgun safe, and was wondering if anyone here has owned any V-line products. I'm thinking of the hide-away model (Hide-Away). Main thing I need is quick reliable access and to keep the girls out of it. After looking at the reviews of gunvault products I'm under the impression they should have put at least 50 to 75 bucks more work and higher quality parts into them.

    I'd love to here from anyone that has owned or used them (V-line). Or any products you think would be worth a look. It just has to be quick to open, reliable, able to keep the kids out, and able to hold a full sized pistol, mag and some keys. And maybe I'm being picky but I'm not willing to trust a biometric safe. Good for use if its quality, but I'm not going to believe biometric safes in my price range are quality. And just incase you want to know, my price range is about 300 or less. Any more and I'll go ahead and get a small fire safe with electronic lock.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I purchased the non-biometric version which opens with a set of finger presses. It was around $100, and has been reliable from day one. It comes with a key in case of battery failure. It has a aircraft cable to secure it to the bed frame or car seat if traveling. It won't deter a theft during break-in, but as a bedside safe where you're primary concern is children accessing the side arm, then it works great. I only use if for my EDC weapon. All of your other guns should be in the full size safe.
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    I work for GunSafes.com, but I'm just a little ol' writer. Here's our page. We have tons of options, price matching, no sales tax, free shipping.

    I don't know a lot about the details, but click on the chat or call and ask for Josh. He's our resident expert.

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    I don't have your brand. I bought a Bass Pro model. The same principle applies. Opens with a finger combo or key if the battery runs down. Screwed it into a large cabinet next to the bed. Very easy access. Open the door, hit the combo and instantly the weapon is in your hand.

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    I have a Gunvault Mini Deluxe with touch keypad (non biometric)

    I'm happy with it.

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