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  1. If you think some of the views here are extreme, think again.

    The DOJ's 2010 Violent Encounters training manual clearly indicates that a large percentage criminals have premeditated the use of deadly force. That means when they take a life it should be considered premeditated murder, even if their initial intent is to commit a robbery. IE they've already decided that if you stand in the way of their escape they're going to make the attempt on your life, but they'll never admit that their intent was to kill you. In fact, the stats show that they often make the claim that their intent was to escape and YOU were just a blockage standing in the way of that escape.

    So is it honestly an extreme view to say that the clerk just saved the taxpayers 40K annually by taking proper self-defense action? Absolutely not! We don't shoot to wound. Shooting to wound is shooting with the intent to cause permanent physical injury or maim another individual; in some States this is an imprisonable offense. One should always shoot to stop the threat and according to the DOJ's stats that means head shots, multiple shots, and shots directly in the upper torso.

    Real facts of a gunfight based on the stats:
    Likely to be 21 feet or less
    Likely to be fast, over in 5 seconds on average
    Likely to be in a low-light or no-light environment
    Likely to require multiple shots
    Head shots stop a threat 100% of the time (note that I did not say kill, they may create a moment of contemplation on BG's part)

    I wish more people would arm themselves responsibly and seek out training to change their mindest from sheeple to sheep dog. If the bad guys are doing it, we should be as well. One must train like a predator to react like a predator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    Really Mr. kflo01?? Or is it only extreme until it becomes your family member that becomes a victim of a crime??
    Yeah it's amazing how when wishy-washy anti-gun people change their mind when they become the victim of a robery. Just like all those pro-life people suddenly find some way to rationalize abortion when it's their daughter or wife who gets sexually assaulted.

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    I agree with Iteach4U a gunfight is going to be very quick and it's important to place your shots where they count. Body armor drills are good thing! "Two rounds center mass to the chest and one to the head".

    There are some very stupid people out there that believe that firearms are the root of all of the violence in America. If you want to read some of their crazy opinions check out the "Opinions" section in the Memphis Commercial Appeal The Commercial Appeal: Local Memphis, Tennessee News Delivered Throughout the Day. My buddies at work and I chuckle nearly everyday when we read their Bolshevik rants before we go to work. When you read this type of liberal nonsense you realize that the Left Wing is alive and well in America and maybe it's time to send another check to the N.R.A.!
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    Did anybody else find it at all funny how the guy keeled over on the counter like that?
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    Definately would not of been my first choice of areas to shoot a perp, but one shot, one kill and it does not really matter as long as the good guys win.
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    A stray thought or two:

    BG had it coming and got it. Good.

    1) As per head shots, I have been instructed repeatedly that head shots should be taken to the ocular-cranial cavity (eyes, sinus cavity) since hitting someone anywhere else in the head does not guarantee that they will be stopped. Obviously, it's not a rule carved in stone, as evidenced here, and besides who can guarantee where they're gonna hit when the S is in the Fan?...

    2) if you go for the head shot right off, you could have legal problems since it is obvious you were attempting to kill the scumbag, versus "stopping the threat" (again, not carved in stone because of body armor, etc.). Not saying I agree with this, but it has been mentioned several times during training.

    Just food for thought.
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  8. I heard somewhere a bullet can bounce off a head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    I heard somewhere a bullet can bounce off a head.
    I've been told more than once by different instructors that there are numerous cases of people being shot in the head wherein the bullet is deflected by the skull and simply travels around under the skin and exits, with no serious harm to the BG. Also been told that .45s have been deflected by teeth. So, yeah, in the absence of body armor, two to the thorasic cavity (the notorious "double tap") is still your best first option.
    Prov. 27:3 - "Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both"

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    Shoot to kill (but NEVER admit it to anyone). Double tap plus one, is a good route to go.

    Definition of "fair fight"; One in which "Mea viktor!" (A decent motto, IMHO.)

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
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    BG 0 GG 1, Double center mass one on nose.

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