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    Good for the clerk, thank God he saved the tax payers all that money.

    I wonder why the cop's went code 3 to the scene, the dispatch clearly said the clerk had finished the job Cops will use any excuse to drive fast with lights and siren blasting. :) <--do you see my smiley face? LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    I heard somewhere a bullet can bounce off a head.
    Hit a politician in the head with a good idea, it usually bounces right off.

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    Great job by the clerk. It's a shame we will never learn what type and style of ammunition he used on the perp.
    KFLo01 are you a bleeding heart. There is nothing extreme about killing this scumbag and makeing sport at his expense.

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    Maybe KFo0L meant the reward is extreme. ;)

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