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    Do you have a permit? Because there is probably some ambiguity with regard to that if you don't, but if you do have one, there should be no problem.
    There is no ambiguity in Florida, even if he doesn't have a permit. Please read the statutes quoted in post #5. Florida statute 790.25 specifically allows anyone legal to possess a firearm to transport that firearm in a vehicle if it is "securely encased". There is no requirement in the law to have the gun unloaded. Florida statute 790.001 specifies that a firearm snapped in a holster is securely encased. Florida statute 790.33 makes it illegal for any lower government (county, city or local) from enacting any other prohibitions.

    Now, once the OP leaves Florida, his transportation of firearms will have to meet the requirements of the state he is in and his setup may no longer be legal. In Texas, for example, the firearm must be concealed, so his setup may not be legal in Texas, even with a recognized permit, if the firearm is visible.

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    I have a license. (1) I did say what if I couldn't unholster fast enough.

    (2) So if I have a snap holster riveted to the underside of my dash I could do so legally? (3) I also think it would be more comfortable keeping it there instead of in a IWB holster while driving.
    (1) Then you will likely get injured or robbed.
    (2) In Florida, yes. In other states, that would depend on their state law.
    (3) Probably definitely so! Also, one of the holster companies makes a holster with a strap that fastens around the seat and keeps the holster against the front of the seat, between and below the occupants legs. Then you wouldn't be putting holes in the interior of your car.

    Kingston Car Seat Holster — DeSantis Holster

    Note: The holster in the photo above would have to have a retention strap to be legal for a person without a permit in Florida. I would think as your holster approches the horizontal position under the dash, a retention strap would be desired anyway to keep the gun from falling out. Also, I think the strap rotates so the buckle can be behind or under the seat so the driver isn't sitting on it.
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    Not only the state regulates how to carry in a vehicle, but in some states (kalifornia) the counties have there own rules, regulations and laws.

    Not really worried here in Arizona
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    Unfortunatly you can't use the rig NavyLCDR posted above in SC.

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    I would agree, first never, never ask an LEO, Second read your state's gun laws on how to carry in your vehicle.
    The Second Amendment is not about Hunting!!
    When the Government is afraid of of it's People, This LIBERTY
    When the People are afraid of the government, That is TYRANNY

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