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Thread: Need some advice on which 1911 to buy.

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    Stingray - The Sig 1911 was my first gun - I got it for Mother's Day in 2009, so a little over 2 years ago. I go shooting almost every weekend at the range and often put 100 or so rounds through it then. Also, I shoot competitively (well, not very) with a practical shooting club. We go through at least 150-175 rounds a weekend, although that's not every weekend. And I am in a handgun martial arts club, and we have night shoots where we go through 300-400 rounds. So yeah, since May 2009, 10,000 rounds sounds about right. I think it needs a new spring :)

  3. The STI Spartan MSRP is about $700.00 the Ruger will set you back a couple hundred more for the name and not having a full length guide rod.

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    Taurus PT1911 AR is a GREAT pistol!!! I highly reccomend it!
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    Get a sheepdog model with a CCW badge engraved into the side of the slide.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Terminal Lance View Post
    I'm thinking about passing on buying a shotgun and instead really wanting to buy a 1911.. Now I know the best way for me to make said decision is to shoot both models myself, but i was hoping i could get some insight/reviews from some of you. I'm looking to either get a Springfield Armory 1911, or a Ruger 1911...Ive heard excellent things about both but I'm just interested in what some owners have to say about each. Feed back appreciated.

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    As I have no experience with the Ruger 1911 all I can say is this: Think new product bugs.

    With the Springfield you MUST be picky. I've owned several Springer 1911's and 3 of them have had "little" problems. My GI Champion had the firing pin port drilled off-set (wasn't supposed to be), so to keep the shifted primer impacts down, they installed a different barrel cam that was slightly too big and wouldn't allow me to "tune" the pistol at all. This was discovered during the custom work and I was ticked! Correcting the problem meant it would never cycle Remington ammo ever again.

    Another problem I had was an ILS failure straight out of the box. Fired 2 mags through it, field stripped, cleaned, reassembled, function check....and it wouldn't work any longer. The ILS (Internal Locking System) froze up the pistol and I hadn't even used it. Typically these will fail when they're engaged. The armor corrected it and the ILS mainspring housing was immediately replaced with one from Cylinder and Slide.

    My last issue was a trigger on a Milspec that was failing to properly engage. It simply wasn't checked when installed from the factory. Springfield corrected it without issue.

    So choose wisely with the Springfield products. A proper firing cycle and disassembled inspection will tell you a lot. Rule of thumb is that if you're going custom, buy custom from the factory and be done with it, you can wrap up a lot more cost in a build than if you buy factory custom.

    That said, the ONLY way to go on a full factory custom is: Sig Sauer 1911 Platinum.
    There is nothing else out there that feels as nice or shoots as nice as the Platinum edition Sig 1911.

    *If memory serves, Springfield hasn't made a complete 1911 in the US for quite some time. The parts are all made out of country and assembled here or the entire pistol is imported.

  7. I am new here, but I daily carry the Springfield Armory Loaded model, and it's a great starter 1911, it has many of the features of the higher end models, but is very affordable. It's a great way to enter the 1911 world.

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    Iteach - couldn't have said it better myself.

  9. Well my 2 cents is I bought a SA TRP 1911 and it was worth every penny. Alot of people talk alot of bad things about the high end 1911's but ive never regretted mine for a second. The grips are perfect the mag well is flawless for speed, trigger pull feels natural and obvious there is no resistance. The trijicon night sights are unreal in the dark, the gun is beautiful to look at and gets overwhelming attention at the range. On top of that I can hit a torso at 100yds with good ammo easily. I saved a long time to get it, and it was worth the wait. Theres a good reason the Professional is the contract used by the FBI and theres a good reason the TRP is based off that platform.

    Theres also a point to be made that if you try to cut corners and save money you just might get a lemon
    Then again I kinda love 1911's. Get a Les Baer. Hehe.

  10. Iteach4u the Pro is made manu and assembled 100% in Geneseo. Its also 3g's.

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    If the choice was only between those two, I'd go with the Springfield. I'm sure, like most of their new products, the Ruger has some bugs that need to be ironed out. I've got a Springfield M1911 that was purchased as a stock commercial grade gun. It's now my bullseye ball gun and is extremely accurate and reliable.

    If you've never owned an M1911 before, you might want to look into the Rock Island guns. They're very reasonably priced and have a good reputation. Before I got laid off a couple of years ago, I was looking at one of their .38 Supers. I'm back to work now and am thinking about one again.

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