Need some advice on which 1911 to buy.
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Thread: Need some advice on which 1911 to buy.

  1. Need some advice on which 1911 to buy.

    I'm thinking about passing on buying a shotgun and instead really wanting to buy a 1911.. Now I know the best way for me to make said decision is to shoot both models myself, but i was hoping i could get some insight/reviews from some of you. I'm looking to either get a Springfield Armory 1911, or a Ruger 1911...Ive heard excellent things about both but I'm just interested in what some owners have to say about each. Feed back appreciated.

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    If those are your only choices. Go with the Springfield.
    I'd look into STI though. They arent as well known but make a
    Great 1911!! I carry the escort every day and love it. It shoots like
    A dream.

  4. Agree ....go with Springfield Armory . STI is good too but can be a bit pricey.

    If your looking for just a 1911 style gun also look into the Kimber. I have a Custom II.
    But if your looking for just a .45 then take a look at the S&W M&P 45 Full size. It's a great gun. To make it even better I installed an Apex Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit. It shoots like a dream.

    Happy shopping

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    For the price, go with a Springfield. GI or MIL-Spec goes for around $500.00 in SC. Kimber/S&W 800.00/1000.00. All are great but I choose Springfield for cost. If it's good enough for the Military, it' good enough for me. ALSO have to add it's what I carried in the NAVY, kinda have a attachment to it.
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    Springfield Makes a great 1911 with minimal flaws. Its a little sloppy at the trigger, the guide rod could have a little better tolerances,but all in all Springfield Makes great weapons. Now to Ruger I own an few of them P90,P95,P345 They are all great weapons.They are realiable weapons,I never had a serious Problem. The new Ruger 1911 is all Ametican made. I went to my local gun shop and shot one.I was impressed with 20 yards it had a nice group with generic ammo (Wolf 230 gr. FMJ) what really impressed me was the make up of the whole weapon. It looks like Ruger did their homework. And the cost really threw me back at $599.00 just a small note to you Remington's new R 1911 is also a nice weapon at $599.00 I did not shoot it but did take a good look at it, and I was equally impressed with it's make up.I forgot to mention that I own the Springfield GI/ MIL SPEC 1911 in the 4in. It cost me $565.00 when I purchased it in 2009 it has never failed me even under some harsh conditions Rain, Mud, Snow & Ice I carry it while Deer & Bear hunting as my back up the only work I have had done to it is.I had the Ejection Port worked on to give a little more toleranence to Military Ammo. Mine is Parkerized in the finish also comes in Stainless, and OD Green but over all I'm very Satisfied with it.hope this helps you Good Luck.

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    Umm. I recommend Sig Sauer's 1911. A good, solid well made lower end version is the XO. Mine's been fired at least 10,000 times with no problems whatsoever.

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    I've fell in love with Ruger's new 1911. It's a beauty.
    Started saving my pennies for one. Check it out before you buy.

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    The Ruger is getting excellent reviews and comparing it to a Brazilian made Springfield Loaded I go with the Ruger.
    If your looking at a USA made Springfield Loaded I'd but the quality, fit and finish at about equal and go with the best price.

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    ok guys everyone put there own 2 cents on this one. Terminal Lance is asking a valid question but we added a bit to much info.

    I guess he is going to be in the same boat now, after all the info overload...

    So He is looking at the Springfield and Ruger 1911. Both companies are US companies. Ruger makes guns that are built like tanks
    and Springfield does the same.

    if he is looking for price Ruger has the best price and options.
    Springfield has higher prices than Ruger.

    The guns looks the same and the triggers are almost the same. For a beginer you are not going to notice the trigger and refinement between the 2 guns...! Now for Sig1911....10k rounds thru your gun...can I ask how long have you had your gun? and how often do you shoot it? must have big pockets or reload alot.
    I have a 1911 micro GI for 2yrs ( I go to the range 1 or 2 times a week and shoot at least 50 - 100rounds max) I also carry it so I have about 3k+ rounds thru it.

    I also just got the Ruger 1911 2 weeks ago and shot 100 rds thru it.

    The choice is going to be yours go check them out and feel them..that is the best advice that I can give you.

    any one you choose will be a good 1911...and it is going to be your choice. :)

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    Oh man! Terminal! I LOVE IT! Which to buy? You ask that on a forum like this! This will be 500 posts with 200 different suggestions! LOL

    I think you started it by saying shoot both! Yup. You knew the answer to your own question. Or BUY BOTH!

    Psalm 82:3-5

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