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Thread: Would/Should you provide medical care to someone you shoot?

  1. I wouldn't be offering anything except a phone call to the police on what happened. If I'm put in a situation where I have to draw and shoot.....my first thing to do after is get out of dodge. I have no clue how many are involved or otherwise. So first aid is not a choice I'm using.

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    What harkos said... if I ever draw my gun, the situation will be horrible, just like every situation where guns are drawn. But I will use my gun to save life (my family, my neighbor, or my own)...I train to shoot center mass at least twice...I will not stop shooting until the threat towards life has stopped...

    When someone says they will reload and fill the bg up again, or shoot the bg in the head after he has falling, I wish to believe is sarcasm... but sadly on forums these can be very true beliefs. And no that's not real life, even real victims that shot their aggressor will feel remorse, that's being human, being better than the bad guy. We don't have to lower our beliefs to beat the bg's.

    Btw, no I will not sell my guns, no I will not stop carrying, no I still don't want to kill someone, yes I will defend what's mine at all costs.

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    I'll ensure there are no other threats. Then, I'll call 911. Then, I'll call an attorney. I'll give first aid to innocent persons as needed. Then, I'll wait for for cops and medics to show up. If the medics arrive first, they'll likely let the attacker(s) bleed and suffer until the cops have the attacker(s) in chains. I will follow the example of those medics.

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  6. Blaine probably said it best. If the EMT's won't render aid until the cuffs are on, i certainly wouldn't. I'd find cover, reload, and call 911. When they show up, holster my weapon, surrender, and except for a brief statement of facts, exercise my 5th amendment right to consult with my attorney.
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Phillip Gain View Post
    It's not humor. It's not sarcasm. It's real life.

    If you are NOT prepared to shoot to kill, when someone has become a threat to your life - then you've pretty much already lost, and might as well sell your firearms since carrying one isn't going to do you a bit of good.
    You certainly are opinionated. For the realists among us, you shoot to stop the threat and if the bg dies, so be it. Stopping the threat doesn't mean the bg isn't going to die or the shooter is not going to put as many rounds center mass as needed to STOP the threat.

    How about the pharmacist who shot the bg in the head, left the scene chasing bg # 2, returns, pulls another gun and shoots the first bg 5 more times on the floor? THAT is the difference between shooting to stop and shooting to kill.

    BTW What do you call it when two or more rounds center mass doesn't do the job? Is it a "failure to stop" drill or a "failure to kill" drill?

    OTOH I keep my .45 stoked w/ 230 gr hollowpoints, 13 of those ought to stop any threat and probably put him in the ground as a bonus.

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    I'm an EMT/Firefighter/First Responder, but I was taught from a young age that "if a man's worth shootin', he's worth killin'." No middle ground from my perspective.

  9. Some pretty lively comments on this. Thanks for all of the thought that went into some. After discussing it with my wife (the EMT) she indicated that in her EMT training, she was instructed NOT to enter a scene until it is safe. When violence has occurred, it doesn't become safe until the police are there and verify that it is safe.

    As far as the state where it is mandatory to render aid, I think that is foolish. It could cause someone to enter the scene before it was safe out of fear of being prosecuted.

    For those who want to empty your magazine into the BG to make sure he's dead, sleep tight and sweet dreams. (yes, the sarcasm was intended)

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    As a concealed carrying card holder the thought of having to shoot any individual causes me concern. That being said, if I have to use deadly force to respond to deadly force to protect myself, my family or others who are in danger then I will do so. Shooting to kill an individual is not in my vocabulary, I will shoot to stop the threat. If I happen to kill the bad guy then that is the breaks. I am a good shot, but I am not good enough to shoot a knife, gun or deadly weapon out of the bad guys hands. I am not going to try to shoot him in the arm or leg to stop him. He is probably moving and I might miss and hurt someone else. I was trained to shoot center mass and shoot until you stop any assailants. If during that time I kill the bad guy, then I stopped the threat. If I did not kill the individual, should I render first aid to him? The answer to that is a definite NO. That individual did his best to maim, mutilate or kill me or my family. If I did not kill him, he may be playing possum waiting for me to get close enough for him to try again. First, consider your own protection, are there other assailants, move to cover and concealment, reload your firearm if possible. Second, call 9-1-1, get police and medical help. Third, call an Attorney. If EMS/Paramedics arrive first, you can be sure they will not treat or assist the bad guy until law enforcement arrive and secure the area. When PD arrives, holster your weapon, give a brief statement of the facts, then plead the 5th until you talk with your attorney.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic View Post
    Minnesota has a Duty to Render Aid to Shooting Victim Statute.


    Additional Note:
    Defense. It is an affirmative defense to a charge under this section if the defendant proves by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant failed to investigate or render assistance as required under this section because the defendant reasonably perceived that these actions could not be taken without a significant risk of bodily harm to the defendant or others.
    Law is unconstitutional:
    Police have no responsibility to protect individuals (reference) Police are our servants, they enjoy no special rights. remember they are private citizens authorized thru our elected servants.
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