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Thread: Would/Should you provide medical care to someone you shoot?

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    First two things that is taught in ems: is the scene safe? , bsi/ppe (body substance isolation/personal protection equipment)...

    They will fail you if you say you will go into a dangerous scene before police.

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    My thoughts are this.....if the BG put himself into situation that i needed to use deadly force then how can i be sure that if i were to render aide that he would not again attack me??
    Not only that but if u live in a "liberal" area or there are already questionable circumstances ....then u would be opening the door for prosecutor to prosecute you....
    As for the states that have "render aide laws" the "blood born pathogen laws" supersede them...since in this day and age no way to tell what diseases someone might or might not have.....and since u just shot them there is obviously the presence of blood, and as such you do NOT have to render aide...

    I NEVER want to have to shoot someone.....but if i do i will NOT be rendering aide........
    While some say its situational dependent...I personally can and will train NOT to render aide....since in the event of having to shoot some one i would expect to be in an altered state of mind ....and as such will not trust my life or the lives of my loved ones to overlook the secondary weapon of the BG.......its just not a risk i feel that i would ever take......

  4. " For those who want to empty your magazine into the BG to make sure he's dead, sleep tight and sweet dreams. (yes, the sarcasm was intended) "

    Comments like this can certainly make one consider your sincerity.
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

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    Sorry to all that don't agree but it is not my job to render assistance I just used lethal force against. Bleed out for all I care, it wasn't me who put this situation in motion. I am the victim, yet due to my forethought by carrying a weapon, I choose to defend myself allowed by Law. I will call 911 and immediately report the shooting. "Please send LEO/EMS to this location, I was in fear of my Life and had to defend myself against the attacker"
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpenCarryYes View Post
    My question is, if you had the first aid training, would you provide care to the person that you shot?
    Highly unlikely.
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  7. I believe the threat is stopped when the last breath is taken. The criminal upon leaving prison can look you up and try to settle tyhe score. I don't want that to happen.

  8. "reasonable assistance" means aid appropriate to the circumstances, and includes obtaining or attempting to obtain assistance from a conservation or law enforcement officer, or from medical personnel.
    I could be very wrong, but it looks to me that the law could be pointed at some one who accidentally shot someone, seeing that the Defense, is agreeing with not rendering aide, if the defendant reasonably perceived that these actions could not be taken without a significant risk of bodily harm to the defendant or others.


    It is an affirmative defense to a charge under this section if the defendant proves by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant failed to investigate or render assistance as required under this section because the defendant reasonably perceived that these actions could not be taken without a significant risk of bodily harm to the defendant or others.

    and no, I would not put myself in the position of being attacked, by a perp that had just tried to kill me, besides the fact that it kind of makes your defense, that "I was scared for my life" a mute point, because how could I, be afraid for my life, if I go up and try to do something to the very perp I was afraid for my life from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horkos View Post
    actually "shooting to kill" or even using that expression within earshot of potential witnesses for the prosecution is likely to place you in the position of having to defend yourself against charges of intent, manslaughter, homicide, etc. You should never present the case that it was your intent to end someones life bad guy or otherwise. Its of much concern to me the general lack of fore thought regarding the legal rammifications of defending yourself in todays politically charged society. If you choose to carry or even use a firearm for home defense. You should be fully aware and accepting that you may face a legal nightmare and even possibly spend time in jail. You should decide, know and be committed to what degree you are willing to go before you accept the responsabilities of carry a firearm. If you are firm in the convictions of your commitments then when the bad stuff goes down your only decision will be where to place the bullet. You won't be distracted by "what ifs".
    Your willingness and ability to pull the trigger and STOP the threat is what is required of those desiring to carry. Expressing the desire to "kill" an offender only increases the odds of either civil or legal consequences. The underlying gratification of exacting justice or even revenge is natural. But to remain above reproach means avoiding operating on emotion.
    My decision on where to place the bullet has been made. Center mass. Repeat as necessary. You make a point about not SAYING "shoot to kill" once you've survived a situation. In that case you say "I was in fear of my life. There's the bad guy. There's the evidence. His friends went THAT way. I'll cooperate further after speaking with counsel. I'm having chest pains, please take me to the hospital."

  10. Quote Originally Posted by OpenCarryYes View Post
    I think we all agree that IF we have to shoot for our safety we are shooting to stop the threat and not to kill the person.

    My wife is an EMT and she carries (when she's off duty). My question is, if you had the first aid training, would you provide care to the person that you shot?

    Thanks for your input
    Absolutely not! If that person has communicated a threat or committed an act against you illustrating they are a threat, then they remain a threat until LEOs arrive, consider LEOs as "backup" at that point. I teach students to remove themselves from the immediate "threat" zone (doesn't mean driving across town) so they can keep eyes-on if possible and locate others who can bear witness if it progresses, then dial 911 and identify themselves as a victim.

    What that illustrates:
    You have disengaged from the matter.
    You have concern for the safety of yourself and others because you called 911.
    You may have been the victim of a crime.
    You want first responders to arrive quickly.
    You don't want the attacker to get away which could make identification of that attacker difficult. (the eyes-on part)
    You want witnesses in the event that you are forced to take further action.

    It's extremely difficult to beat those kinds of illustrations in an investigation let alone with a jury.

    The only circumstances I could see First Aid coming into the picture are if you shoot a loved one, intentional or not, even if they're a threat for that moment you may become sympathetic following a shooting. The other being if an EMT was forced to defend oneself on duty (if they're allowed to carry on duty), then their EMT obligations might be forced to kick in....very dangerous ground right there.

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    After shooting a person that has threatened your life the likelihood of YOU being in shock is very high, therefore YOU are not the person that needs to be administering anything in the form of medical assistance or first aid. EVER! Major conflict of interest.

    I also firmly believe that if you are a BG your stupidity, irresponsibility, lack of respect, lack of honor and bad decisions does NOT constitute an emergency on MY part. I don’t care how bad you are hurt.

    On the other hand, for those of you who run your mouth about shootem till they are dead have obviously not had to take a human life. If you think it is that simple and you won’t be affected you are an idiot and taking a life in war is NOT the same. Shooting to stop the threat will likely end in death but if you shoot a BG that is already down, out and no longer a threat just to make sure he is dead you are pathetic! It puts you on the same level as the fool you just shot. It is one thing to joke about these things on a forum but some of you are obviously not joking. You need to use the brain God gave you.
    We ALL shall see the Lord one day .... please don't make me set up the meeting.

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