Would/Should you provide medical care to someone you shoot?
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Thread: Would/Should you provide medical care to someone you shoot?

  1. Would/Should you provide medical care to someone you shoot?

    I think we all agree that IF we have to shoot for our safety we are shooting to stop the threat and not to kill the person.

    My wife is an EMT and she carries (when she's off duty). My question is, if you had the first aid training, would you provide care to the person that you shot?

    Thanks for your input

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    Depends entirely on the circumstances.

  4. nope

    As a martial artist, I am trained to stop any and all threats. If it includes an eye gouge or broken arm, I'm sure the threat has been reduced to the point where I can focus on another assailant or use that chance to get away.

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    Not likely. Too many negative things can come from that. Besides I would have to holster my weapon to do that and that ain't happenin. I have five lawyers in the family and if I did something like that they may ALL take me out and shoot me.
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    Nope. Haven't you ever seen a horror movie? But the real reason is you can't be guaranteed the perpetrator was acting alone. You can't be guaranteed that the perpetrator only needs to recover from shock to become capable again. You can't guarantee the perpetrator doesn't have a secondary weapon that they will use on you upon your approach.

    Call 911 and continue to cover from a safe distance.
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    Not likely, will call 911 and request ambulance, police response only after threat is stopped.

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    As someone else stated it would depend on the circumstances. As a LEO I was trained to clear any weapons away from the reach of a subject and handcuff them after they'd been shot. As a civilian, I don't believe that you have the obligation nor do you likely have the training to respond if they attack you again.

    When you are attacked by someone and put in the position to shoot them I don't think that you should render first aid to them for several reasons. Two things immediately come to mind. First, will they attack you if attempt to assist them? Trust me it happens frequently to EMS personal trying to save the life of a criminal who's been wounded in a gunfight. That's why the bad guy gets cuffed. Second, think of the possible civil and/or criminal liability. You just shot a subject that you perceived was a threat to your life but didn't kill them and now you are rendering them first aid to save their life? An attorney could have a field day with that. I can hear the line of questioning now "So, you shot them and after shooting them you decided to try to save their life?" Hopefully it will never happen. If it does try not to do or say anything that will get you held civilly liable or worse yet prosecuted. A lot of weird things happen in our ligitious society.

    As others have stated if you shoot someone, take cover, look for other threats, conduct a tactical reload if possible and call 9-1-1. You conscience should be clear! Stay safe!
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  9. Nope. If this person was attempting to ultimately violate your life and existence on this earth, I would highly recommend that the predator is left alone to die and call 911 and hopes he dies before help arrives. Dead people have now tales.

    If you have to question your own motives for carrying maybe you might want to reconsider, you could get yourself hurt or others may be harmed. Don’t get upset just think about what I just said.

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  10. The question was more hypothetical than realistic. I completely agree with the comments. I guess, like localgirl said, it would depend on the circumstances.

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    Yeah - the answer to that is "no" for all the reasons above.

    And while the PC thing to say is "shoot to stop not to kill" - I'm calling BS on that. A lot of s*** has to go bad before I'm forced to draw and fire. So if I get to that point, I'm not going to be polite about it. I want to put as many holes as possible into the bad guy, then find cover/concealment, reload, and make sure I'm safe. THEN call 911.

    With a mag full of .45acp 185gr +P Golden Sabers in the bad guy's center mass...I think medical help would be a moot point.

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