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    NRA Convention

    Has anyone here been to any of the annual NRA Conventions? The last one was in PA. & I believe next year it's in St. Louis. Just wondering if you just go there to drool, or can you actually buy like at a gun show.

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    It's kind of both.At times you can make arriagnments to purchase.I went to the last one in PA. I didnt realize that when I went in,and sowed my NRA card Admission was Free. Over all I'm glad we went.We enjoyed ourselves, plus gained allot of knowledge.

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    Thanks, I'd like to go to the one in St. Louis next year. Have an old USMC Buddy I'd like to visit there also. The Gun shows we have here in Mi. are getting boring, same ol' same ol'. Guess I'm looking for the " SUPER GUN SHOW ".

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    I'd like to attend an NRA Convention sometime. I wanted to attend last years in Charlotte with the dates weren't managable for me. The primary reason I'd like to attend would be to listen to some of the speakers and meet other NRA members.
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    I attended an NRA seminar at Cabela's last Jan. Ran into some nice folks, & had some interesting discussion. Some people DIS the NRA for some of the issues that have yet to be resolved. But I cringe at the thought of our world without their help. We need to support them whenever we can.

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    Hubby and I, our sons and a few of our neighbours are waiting for this to happen in St. Louis. A year ahead of preparation hopefully will be well worth it. Looking forward to meet some of you there....
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    Looking forward to some good BBQ also. Driving through Illinois to get there, not so much !
    Maybe we can set up a meet n' greet somewhere.

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    I went for the first time to the 140th which was in Pittsburgh. I wanted to do more then just attend, I wanted to contribute for something I believe in..the 2A. I volunteered and worked in "member services" on Fri. and Sat.
    Before I made hotel arrangements I upped my membership to a Life Membership at a discounted rate. Along with the upgrade I got tickets to Jeff Foxworthy and speakers and also attended the "Freedom Banquet" and auction where I heard many great speakers not the least of which was Herman Cain. Even heard Newt say something I never heard a high profile person say but something I always wanted to shout out to the "gun grabbers". He apologized to the "hunters"in the audience and said "The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting!"
    I loved that.
    Overall it is a great venue. Like minded gentle people, great speakers, seminars and a chance to get your paws on many and almost any implements for self defense and hunting or just sport. Consider volunteering. Nice way to meet nice people.
    Good chance that I will go to St. Louis and do it all over again.
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    Took me 2 - 7 hr days, just to walk thru all the exhibits on both floors. Not really a gun sales venue, as most of the exhibitors were/are manufacturers. Some novelty related items (t-shirts, knives, gun related tools, other self defense stuff) for sale.

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    OK, sounds like a good time. But as far as that goes, what I guess I'm looking for is some kind of " Shot Show " venue in the midwest where we could all buy. Any suggestions? I would be willing to travel some distance for this.

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