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    CrossBreed Customer Service

    I give CrossBreed 10 out of 10 stars on customer service. Yesterday my holster was supposed to be delivered. It even said on the confirmation that it had been delivered at 11:59am. There was NO holster in my mailbox. I don't believe anyone stole it because I was home and it was broad daylight. The post lady messed up. I went to the USPS office here in Oxford and she says she has her days mixed up and doesn't know what happened to it. So, she's saying there's nothing she can do and pretty much that they don't care. I called Crossbreed and talked to their service line and they don't insure packages (because most competent workers can deliver) so, Trent, the amazing guy he is, said he'd ship me another one free of charge and if the other one shows up to return to sender. I'm supposed to get my replaced holster next week. Thank you CrossBreed!!!

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    Not the first time I heard if that, my question is, how they can send replacement so fast and not the original if they are made to order? Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of their product and love mine, but the wait kills me.

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    Thats awesome. CB is a one in a million company. Most businesses would tell you to wait a couple weeks for the package to show up then have YOU do some extra leg work to get a new one.

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    i have a feeling ( dont know and no proof) that they make more than one holster for you when u place the order. i had needed mine to be fixed and had a new one in a week. so then why did it take 5 weeks to get the first one? i dont know, but all i cansay about them as a company and their cust service is they are awesome. money well spent and they stand behind their product no questions asked.

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    What is usually the case is that the original wait times is because your "build" is at the end of the list...for replacements or company errors you are bumped to the front of the line

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    What I think is that when you order, if they do not supply your weapon's holster in bulk, they make a few extra. That way, if you need one or someone else orders one, the timing is sped up. That's just me. But, that makes sense because the timing is so rapid if you incur a "problem" with your order. Plus, if y'all haven't noticed, it only takes a little personal conversation, infused with being nice to get what you want. Most customer service people deal with the A-holes of society, if you're nice then they are generally more than welcome to help and are grateful to have someone nice to talk to after a day of complaints.

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    Excellent story..I think you are correct cowboy 615...

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