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Thread: Do yourselves a favor and buy H&K

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    Terminal Lance so you carry with one in the Chamber, Decocked and safety off. Enough said....You are the man!.

    safeties,....We do not need no stinking safeties...!

  3. Well, according to you...I have done myself 4 favors over the past 15-16 years :-) The USP is a fantastic gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminal Lance View Post
    well I got the d/a s/a version and not that LEM waste of a gun. so i prefer S/a as well but i carry with one in the chamber, decocked, and safety off and have no problem with accuracy with that first shot from the d/a mode, but to each his own.
    A friend bought a new H&K a couple of years ago as his CCW gun. I generally dislike D/A auto trigger pulls, but this was way over the top bad. It just kept stacking, stacking and stacking until it let off, very much like the All American 2000 trigger, only in a pivoting motion rather than the Colt's straight through pull.

    I like the D/A pull on S&W revolvers. I like the Glock "Safe Action" trigger (both of mine have 3.5lb. Ghost connectors and the "$0.25 trigger job". I've NEVER seen a D/A auto trigger that I liked.

    All of my semi-auto carry guns are either single actions with safeties or Glocks.

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    Arrow H&k usp

    The USP is the pistol that started the current "tactical" fad of putting rails on the dustcovers of pistols.

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    I shot a H&K USP this past weekend in .40 I will tell you its the best feeling gun I have shot so far. I def would get it in 9mm if I was in the market for one. Pure joy to shot.

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    I feel the same as the OP. I LOVE MY USP!!! If I had to take one gun into the wilderness it would be my USP. I've never really liked the way a Glock felt in my hand, and while I love my XDM and Jericho 941, the USP is my baby.

  8. Id love to own a usp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminal Lance View Post
    God I love my H&K USP!!! Everytime I shoot it my love for it grows deeper. It is the most accurate handgun I've ever owned and has indisputable reliability. No matter what everytime I pull that trigger it goes bang.
    Congrates on the H&K. That's the same way I feel about my XDm.
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