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Thread: How Do You Respond; Prepaid or Parinoid

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    Like others have stated or implied, I don't feel the need to share that I's no one else's business. When discussions about concealed carry arise, I usually limit my comments to Arizona gun laws and steer clear of anything personal. Only once has anyone directly asked me if I was carrying. My response..."you'll never know."

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    I don't tell anyone I carry either, none of their buisness.

    As far as the safe room goes, I don't have one of those.. The only room that locks from the inside is the bathroom. Guess I could hide in the shower.
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    I get told I am paranoid all to time. It is mostly by people who have the "it will not happen to me crowd." Then it happens and they sign in to the paranoid club to. But, now it is the "just in case club."
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