How Do You Respond; Prepaid or Parinoid
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Thread: How Do You Respond; Prepaid or Parinoid

  1. Question How Do You Respond; Prepaid or Parinoid

    As I been slowly making my way into the CC world, I get this remark more and more...."Your just paranoid!" I explain my position and why...simply put, I state that "I'm just prepaid."

    I wonder if you guys and ladies have had the same remarks or close to that, and how you respond.

    For whatever reason, the people I talk to seem to think being prepaid is now the new "paranoia". So I have decided to play the reverse psychology on them. Here is what I mean; this so called person decides that I'm "paranoid" over arming myself,...when they talk about their sport or movie or tv show, I will slap the "paranoid" stamp on them. what do I mean" (now mind you I mean no disrespect to anyone out there, i love football too) Ex. "Oh I'm so pumped for football this season, the Browns had a great draft.", My response "Man what is wrong with you, why would you care about the draft, your just paranoid."

    I know this is not the best example but its off the top of my head. I just rattle my brain trying to understand how people have gotten so flipped around on what really matters and live in this dream world that "nothing bad will happen to me, and I will get what I want."

    Are we really that much of a minority now? I'm interested in hearing what everyone has to say on this.

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    My first post - yay!!

    Oddly enough, the only person so far who has told me I'm paranoid is DH...odd because he is the conservative, Republican, Army vet and I am the "bleeding heart" liberal. But then he also told me I was paranoid for buying flashlights in case the power goes out, which it does every summer.

    I told him just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean people AREN'T out to get me. :)

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    It may be because I live in Arizona, but never been questioned as to why I need a CCW, but then again not that many people know as it is Concealed

    Paranoid, I think not. Reassuring maybe, self satisfaction of knowing that the police cannot be where I am at and knowing if need be I can protect myself, my family and if need be maybe you some day. But paranoid, Hell No
    The Second Amendment is not about Hunting!!
    When the Government is afraid of of it's People, This LIBERTY
    When the People are afraid of the government, That is TYRANNY

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    Paranoid/prepaired... Sure i am. Just like when i put new batteries in my smoke detectors in case of a fire in my house, or when i put a fire extiguisher in my car and my kitchen. Just like like the millions of people (just like me) that carry a spare tire in their car.
    You hope that there is never a need for these things but are prepaired when a situation comes about. What's the real difference?
    Call it paranoia if you must but the fact is the same people who call you paranoid are the ones that sure will be happy someone is prepaired for the situation if it occures. Weather it be fire, a blowout, or an armed BG.
    Don't take offense. Just smile and ask them why they have smoke alarms in their homes, spare tires in their cars, and why bother having locks on their doors. "Nothing bad ever happens to good people... Right?"

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    Just cause you're paranoid don't think the world isn't against you.


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    Most of the folks I knew were carrying before CC passed in Texas and were only paranoid while waiting the time it took to get the license, as they were not carrying for fear of getting caught and not getting the license. By the way the non-paranoid folks will be the ones knocking on your door for food, water and protection if everything collapses.

  8. First of I apologize about my horrible spelling, ha I just caught it.
    The spare tire and smoke detectors is a great example and oddly enough I didn't even think of that. (just something I do auto so Ty for that idea).

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    I find most people who say your paranoid are, in fact, paranoid themselves, of other people owning some mechanical device (be it gun or car, etc.) that they don't understand the mechanics of.

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    Seat belt is the best analogy I have come across...I wear it hoping I don't need it, but when I do its there...everyone that puts on a seatbelt is being paranoid then right?

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    I carry my gun for my protection, im a loner and stay mostly to my self, and with that being said i could care less about what people think or say about me, but ill be the one that has a fighting chance when something bad happens, so paranoid - hell no.
    Being prepared is not being paranoid, its being smart.

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