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    I have always thought of concealed carry/home weapons as a multi-tiered safety effort.

    1) The very fact that CC/weapons in the home are allowed, gives the potential BG one more "worry" in plying his trade.

    2) Individual situational awareness/certain area avoidance is another layer of self safety.

    3) Being trained for potential use of your weapon (mind set) is an often crucial advantage when push comes to shove.

    4) Last, the draw and presentation of your weapon is important. Also is the realization that if YOU have the "drop" on the BG(s), chances are better than 50% that shots will never be fired.

    5) The final tier is when you are drawing into a no win situation. Given no other way out..... you hope for the best. Be reminded, when gambling, that you very seldom "hit" that inside straight!

    Things I'd like to see to get the BGs "thinking about" armed citizens standing in their path.

    1) Headlines like: "3000 more CCL were issued in the County last month."

    2) "Home owner "takes on/out" three armed home invaders!"

    3) "Citizens reduced the BG population by 15 this month. Mayor plans award ceremony."

    Unfortunately, we only hear of the BGs making headlines with their guns, already illegal, for the most part.... giving anti-2nd ammendment hopliphobes more talking points.

    Don't you just love "unbaised" press?

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    Training, Training, Training, is very important you can never get enough Training. For more of a competitive Training become a member of the IDPA or USPSA where one will find out how accurate they are, how fast they are and it is a lot of fun. Anything viewed by the news media is always one sided and generally shows the gun owners are not properly trained, or incompetent.
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