The importance of training
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Thread: The importance of training

  1. The importance of training

    This is an ABC news program on the importance of training. Has anyone had this type of training or been in a situation that can confirm the reactions of the participants?

  3. Pressure ... it changes everything

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    This was brought up right after it aired the first time. TOTALLY one sided and pre-arranged results. Most of us know better than to draw on an already drawn weapon, unless we have no choice. The perp knows who and where the good guy is and the good guy has NO proper preparation/training. Hasn't thought out ahead of time how to react, etc.. Let's see, I'll stand up, making an obvious target of myself, and make an obvious reach for a weapon and not know how to even get it out, all while the perp knows I'm there and is facing me (most of the time). I'd like to think most people would dive for some cover first, if for no other reason than to hide the draw.

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    Already debunked piece of crap.

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    Well, it's titled "Proof that Concealed Carry Holders Live in a Dream World" and I'm sure some of them do. But obviously someone wants to use this as proof not to carry.

    As we've discussed so many times before, if someone is intent on shooting you, you probably will get shot. Carrying a gun gives you a slight advantage. I would still rather have that slight advantage.

    It doesn't change my way of thinking. In any scenario I can imagine where having to defend myself, I know I can't get the draw on someone. I will have to rely on taking cover and having time to get to my weapon, or rely on being subtle enough to draw without being noticed.

    Every single self-defense circumstance is going to be different. There's really no way to prepare effectively. I think the best advice is to know how your brain functions. I know I freeze for a split second, then drop and cover, then assess and respond. With any luck I can do this quickly enough to save my skin.

    Even taking this study at its worst, there was no greater harm caused by carrying, and no greater harm caused by practicing.

  7. LEOs train for hundreds of hours over their careers but some still get shot by bad guys. Should we take away guns from Police officers because officers killed in the line of duty are up drastically this year? That's how the liberal media thinks! Remember, the best gun to carry is the one you've got on!

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    This is almost as canned as the police lineup with one person in plain clothes and handcuffs with six others in police uniforms. You pick the bad guy, and we feel it is totally fair.

    Of course, it could happen but the chances that the CCW person is in the front row closest to the door every time is a statistical impossibility. It's the parade in Egypt for Sadat. Wear something bright and sit down front.

    Enough silly analogies. The issue here is training. If you train yourself to take cover, draw, and shoot, then your "muscle memory" and training will take over in crisis time. If not, you are in as much trouble as the cannon fodder volunteers in the clip. Train, train, train and then when you are done, train again.

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    Diane Sawyer, network news ABC, staged scenario about firearms----nough said. Anyone with half a brain understands that some kind of training with a firearm is absolute. Anyone with half a brain understands that totally caught off guard in a room filled with people is a scenario for disaster---add in no training at all---nough said once again.

  10. I prefer this video from last week at an Ohio gas station.

    Dayton, Ohio Video News - WHIO
    Discussing Wisconsin's Concealed Carry Law At

  11. My problem is that I could swear that at least were I live the officers only have to qualify every 3 months and even then that's just a test not even any training.

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