1911 - Trigger System vs Other Pistols
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Thread: 1911 - Trigger System vs Other Pistols

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    1911 - Trigger System vs Other Pistols

    I love my 1911. It is a very good shooter. It is my EDC gun. There are two draw backs. 1. weight. 2. limited capacity for CCW. The best thing is the trigger system. It is sweet!
    What other pistol can match the 1911 or come closest to the trigger system?

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  3. Springfield xd is pretty good

    My 45 xd are acurate and safe. I love the no safety lever

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    While I appreciate the fact that the XD is a fine pistol, how does the trigger compare to a 1911? How close to the same feel?
    I am looking for a pistol with the as close to the same feel as possible. Thanks.

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    Take a look a para and STI.
    They both make a 1911 HIGH CAPACITY.
    like you I love the 1911 but also liked the capacity of the Tupperware guns.
    I have as a edc a para gun rights 1445 ss 14+1 rounds. I love it.
    If you want smaller you might like the para wart hog with 10+1 round cap.

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    The Sig P238 is like a miniature 1911 (modeled after the Colt Mustang). It shoots .380's and only holds 6+1. But, it has a very nice, crisp trigger, and is lightweight and easy to conceal. I like it as a bug.

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    NOTHING truely mimics the 1911 trigger ............. however the new APEX forward set trigger group available for the Smith and Wesson M&P is said to be as close as you can get.

    I recently put an APEX DCAEK in an M&P 45 and it made me a believer, cant wait to try the new forward set trigger group.

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    I have yet to date, Found any weapon (Trigger System) thats responds, or reacts like the 1911 System.When Browning designed the 1911 he did so, that no other weapon would shoot like the 1911 It was designed to never fail in any situation, or conditions.Dont get me wrong there are allot of great weapons out there in todays market. The Timney trigger is similar to the 1911

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    Thank you for the comments. Of the tupperware guns I have shot, none have really come close. I am going to try to find someone to let me shoot their M&P. Until then I will continue to carry my 1911.

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    Glock, great trigger, interchangable sights, and high capacity. What more could you ask for?

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